Four Days Boys

I hate tossers, of the ‘old aged man who hits on hot young hot asian girls, with big boobs, then starts being really evil after rejection’ variety. A man nearly made me cry in a bar!! Luckily the bartenders we’re HOT and although cheeky, saved me from the evil old man. I told the old pervy men, i lived in LA, they laughed in my face, like i was a complete liar…i then told them i was married tol the guy on the TV screen, they again laughed in my face…i got into a fight…makes me feel like no-one lives in England. Everyones so cynical. In LA you really can walk down the street and see a movie star and probably end up dating him…ALL hot LA girls have had numerous  famous or exceedingly rich boyfriends at some point!! They  pissed me off!!

I’m going to be away for the next 4 days in London working which means NO BLOGS til tuesday!! Latin lover and i are back together and once again in the deepest of LOVE, and my day in Manchester went ACE, except for the part that didn’t go ace…it’s late, i have to go to bed….it’s Playboy in the morning

2 thoughts on “Four Days Boys”

  1. have a good time in london babe what part u going i do like london but romfords better lol. the old geezer sounds like a right mug he was probably wounded u said no babe and didnt want to look mugged of. i know we are a cynical bunch when it comes to knowing celbraties and what not. good luck with playboy chrissie

  2. Babes give me a call if you can… I Loves You!!! and call me when you get the Playboy gig!!! yea!!!!!!!!!!!!




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