Forget ya Troubles…innit

Feeling completely over the moon today (YIPPEEEE) and well it’s important to me, that you ALL feel the exact same way! The sun is out. I feel 100% fresh- fresh. I’m actually giddy, with a glint that could only predict pretty darn ‘good times’ and i’m ready to take on the world, over eyelashed, with my wiggle and all whilst celebrating every last moment of who I am! *Spills milk…doesn’t cry.*

I really do feel like I’m gleefully galloping through the fields of happiness, armed with a smile, a pair of frilly (over the knee) socks, a good pair of ‘ta-ta’s’ and a heart filled to the brim with LOVE for each and every one of you.

No…i’m not on drugs…(just yet,) and i have no clue as to why i feel this way…but if it’s making me *gallop* and i don’t *gallop* for anyone (apart from this one time in LA, when i accidentally had a naked gentleman, sat on my back mid-*rumpalot,* then it’s sure as hell nothing short of AMAZING!!! ) All we need in life is to feel happy. Have that Kitty *rush* of excitement for life. When we have that, the world we can conquer anything. The world becomes our playground. (Stay back Gary Glitter!)

What i’ve learnt is that pretty much anything anyone does in life, is based around trying to find that *rush,* that feeling of total and utter complete happiness. I mean,  some drink, some act, some steal, some play, some work, some don’t, some live, some sing, some teach, some run, some spend time on their own. Yet, no matter what… i can 100% shake on the fact that each and every one of us, is in search of that *happy rush.* We want it so bad that we will do ANYTHING to feel it for even a second.

Now, i’m a lucky little Puss of so & so, because i’m a human that comes equipped with this [read above] feeling, this ability to be joyous and free without even trying. I’m happy most of the time and to such an extreme that I could *can-can* my way through corridors, even when people aren’t looking, and run down busy paths screaming ‘Wiggle-Wiggle-Yeah Baby’ without fear! I don’t know why i’m like this, but all i know is that it feels good to pass it on! (But only infront of people, so i’m completely seen as charitable.) It’s kinda like ‘Pass the parcel,‘ but not at all, because there is no parcel, or prize really?? (Well done Christina…haha.) There’s simply just passing…and i guess the prize is YOU! When you can look at yourself, see yourself and laugh…then you know you’re gonna be alright! Bizarrely, when i say ‘see.’ I don’t even mean ‘see’ the real you. I actually mean see the YOU you’re truely most comfortable with! Be that a dolled up version. ( I like, i like, i like!!) A plain version, A happy version. A sad version. Whatever you want to be…you can be!

Now,  I’m the Queen of Greatness, i enjoy diamonds, lipgloss, pampering and all things girlie, twisted in with a rather unfortunate sexual *sizzle,* and well I can be selfish at the best of times’ However my ‘ooh laa’ is something that i’m oddly very willing to share and only because it’s better to make *wink-wink* with a yummy bundle of others! It’s almost like my talent. I know how to take a group of people and turn it into a ‘Good time.’ I’ve noticed how people are a lot more fun when they’re around me. (Oh how humble!) They live, they let loose…and yes it could be because i’ve forced them to drink a barrel of tequila. However, i’d rather go with the fact that it’s because i’m delicious. Wouldn’t you?

So here I am, on this World Cup Saturday morning. I’m really happy and for no real reason, other than life. It’s that good kind of happy, that is so potent that it’s almost impossible to keep hidden. I’m trying to spread it, but it’s hard because you can’t see me…and well i believe sight and energies are everything! If you were stood next to me right now, you’d buzz so much you piss your pants!

Anyway luckily, for you…you’re currently in Wunnaland- and in Wunnaland we at least attempt to share the joy! We spread the love, the legs, the life, the liciousness of ‘oooh.‘ We paint the town peach, and smear it with reputations so soiled with *silly,* that it could make [insert a name in here…because i can’t think of one sober] blush… with his pants down. (I was gonna say ‘grown man’ but then i figured, i’m always seeing grown men with their pants down really, so it was more Wednesday than odd? )

I think this is kinda one of those pointless blogs, where i jibber jabber on about ‘ra ra,’ in heels. Yet i love it. I feel like i’m dipped in deliciousness today! Booyah! (*Dip- dip- oooh.*)

So anyway, I’m about to groom. I have a afternoon with my boy of ‘Lover lover.’ (He’s so cute…i’m leaving today, so he’s all sad because he’s gonna miss me. I like that! The worshipping rocks! He really is exactly how any girl would truely wish for their *Handsome* to be. Really loving, romantic, cuddly and expressive. A man, who loves ‘love’ deeply and well if you’re the apple of his eye..and I am. Me! Me! Me!!! Then you’re a really lucky girl. Dont take a good boy for granted…because they very rarely make an appearance, as often as you would like them to. Ooooh i feeel GREAT!!)

So, i’m dollifying, i’m off to lunch, then i’m back home to pack a bag, and venture off to London tonight, to sleep, then work in the morning. I have to be up by 4am. OUCH! I feel quite Attention Whorey today…and we all know how much i LOVE that! So if you do anything on this fine Saturday afternoon, make sure you get yourself NOTICED!! You should be walking down streets and making every on looker weak at the knees….and NOW!!!

 So my kittens, go forth and squeeze into that outfit, place on some heels, top up that tan and Rock the *Sexy* like there’s no fricking tomorrow. Work *it* bitches….y’know *strut* it out! Give them a smile that suggests that they could ‘maybe’ have you. Treat them to a *wink* that will make them try harder.  Make your mark, celebrate you and care NOTHING about the harsh opinions of others. Collect the positive. Drop the negative and do it with WINE!  *Pass me my fucking FUR!!*

Wink-Pout-Wunna (*Places diamonds in ears and seductively walks away!*)

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