Forget this blog…:)


[Right! Before this blog starts, know that I tried to write it at 10pm last night. I had gobbled up a burrito, finished a whole entire week/month of work, had a bunch of wine and woken up at 7am this morning (Saturday) with my baby pink laptop still open, where I had been typing, a wine glass still full on my bedside table and my phone just dangling out my arm. 🙂 I must’ve totally fallen asleep mid typing and not even realised. That is why it is ace… 🙂 ) ]


I had an amazing day at work today. It was just one of those days filled with giddiness, where i felt fun, naughty and loud. Friday gets the better of me because I reward myself for working hard all week. The last Friday  of the month does me over good and proper, in the excitement stakes and I turn all ‘waa…wooo….weee’ and celebrate life with a ‘oooh yeah baby.’

At work…we all just get on really really well and without even trying…and because of that, we sort of end up being like this happy, dysfunctional family. Work was good today. It flew by! 🙂 Plus, the boy that i’ve been talking to, messaged me in the middle of the day, just to remind me of his existence and his life on goings…which always makes me smile.

I actually committed hardcore good deeds today. I bought ‘new hire’ Bev a ‘Welcome and it’s also your birthday’ bag full of gifts, that we’re beautifully gift wrap by Ange and kept secret by Jenna. THEN I purchased Adam, who i often refer to as ‘Baby Ads’ a mini beer fridge, simply because I had felt so proud of him for finding a new home of his own…so quickly.

I’m a generous soul and I just think when you care about others and treat them like you care…good things naturally happen to you. Plus, it just makes me happy, knowing that even for a second, I could’ve made someone feel a tad bit more special. 😉 I’m good like that…and also really fucking great at drinking.

Annyway. I’m not out tonight. I’m home and because nothing felt better than getting home from a full months work, throwing myself out of work clothes and relaxing into pj’s immediately for a night of ‘mega chillington.’ feels good! I’ve eaten shit, relaxed and just enjoyed ME TIME for the entire evening and embraced every single, waking second of it. I’m shattered. OH, i’m shattered. But that’s the beauty of chill Friday. It’s the weekend and i’m loving it! I just feel really happy. Y’know, when everything in your life seems great.

I have good people in my life right now.

Other than that, I’ve talked to ‘the boy’…the babies at at Keiran’s, My Mum brought me a burrito, my ankle hurts, i’ve accidentally cut my arm, the ‘slave’ guy sent me an attachment to my messenger to outline what he exactly meant by all the sexy hoo haaa. I’ve been convincing another human being that I can be ‘ghetto’ if I wanted to be and that i’m not ‘too posh’ to be ‘hood.’ I don’t own any trainers. I’ve only had half a bottle of wine. I’m blogging from my bed (wiggle wink) and tomorrow at 10am, i’ll be sat in a dark room in Doncaster, visiting my psychic.

Right, so I have a really good psychic and well she said that in the Spring of this year I would meet my ‘forever’ love….like i told you in the last blog. She also told me that my life would now be charmed. That i’d done the hard parts and that I’m pretty much graduated with flying colours as the rest of my reading was one of the best readings she had done in months!

I know what I want to ask her, but i don’t know what ‘the spirits’ will have in store for me. Nonetheless…i’m excited. Everything she has told me has come true.  Aac …….this is where i must have fallen asleep 🙂 (Granny Wunna)





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