For fucks sake

..the worst has happened!! Wow, my evening just keeps getting better. I’m hungry, so i’ve just skipped into the kitchen to find me some food, and to my sheer HORROR, there is nothing but a fresh slice of UNcooked pre-seasoned salmon, and a pan on the stove waiting for me to play with!! What!!! I’m so pissed off. If ya gonna leave food for me, (and i’ve already said this before) please leave already COOKED food. COOKED goddmait!! What am i supposed to do with this?? Ugh! Sucks! I’ve stared at it, had mild conversation with it, sized it up, poked at it, and i still can’t eat it. Who the hell, leaves uncooked food for someone to eat?? Oh my god!!! I can’t do this!! There’s like a pan, a real life pan looking at me!! It’s not 1952!! Din’t some chick chain herself to railings or something, like ages ago, for girls to not have to do this. Don’t i bonk a Chef, in order to avoid such distress!! UGH! I want food, cooked food!! Noooooooooooow! I’m about to throw a tantrum. I think weeping might be more effective though, right? GOD!!! I’m just gonna have to snack on seeds. I hate my life.

3 thoughts on “For fucks sake”

  1. i aint a bad cook chrissie i will come and cook u a prawn and lobster surprise it is my special dish
    and i ant bad at cooking a bit of sir francis either on min each side loley. i hope u get some tucker soon why dont u just drive to maccyds babe/ have a good weekend chrissie i feel ropey this moring babe


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