Folkiness, Fires & Should’ve gone homes



So, it was Ben’s ‘cheat day’ yesterday. The babies had ventured off to their Fathers and we had decided to go to The Carleton for a steak and a salad. (We’re pretty much creatures of habit and the type of people that will order the exact same thing EVERY time, depending on where we’ve chosen to lunch, brunch, cocktail or dine. So, we’ll have our favourite meal or drink at each different place.)

Okay, The Carleton. Quiet. Calm. Easy. We did lunch. Had a couple light drinks and chilled. The world was at peace and all things around us were normal and tranquil.

Then ‘Dodge’ joins us! HAHA.

Now, I adore ‘Dodge’ as he always has some kind of ‘previous evening’ to tell us about, as he takes time off his party schedule to indulge in a calm, quiet, tranquil drink with Ben and I. Lol. He waltzes in, with a scowl, that only a diva (like moi) could be proud of, he’s in his comfy shoes, a trendy white t shirt that boasted some band’s song lyrics in multi colours (I think it was ‘The Smiths,’ but to be honest i’d have no clue, because it wasn’t as if it was Britney Spears?’) Then with a smile and a homemade Bloody Mary (which I warned him wouldn’t be the best) he stated that he was rough, had the best night cocktailing in Leeds, the evening before and that he had definitely got ‘deep’ with a Drag Queen on a bench. 🙂 Love that! It’s very Wunna 2008 and by this point he had already scored major points with me.

Now, I was happy at The Carleton, on my little chill mode, dilly dallying around, especially when i’m on ‘save up’ mode and indulging in a life of virtually no partying. (I’ll only ever go out now if it’s a special occasion…like Danielle’s leaving do, a works do or a birthday.)

So, ofcourse Ben comes up with this random idea of how he wants to move on and go into town to The Tap & Barrel…UGH…and from that point it all went down hill. (This is the part when I shouldn’t have joined in and just gone home…where my evening would’ve have been so much more peaceful…and my funds wouldn’t have been damaged.)


Got to the Tap & Barrel, with Ben and ‘Dodge’ in tow. It seems packed from the outside and there’s daffodils in pots, at every window possible. Odd? We ventured into a complete and other, SURREAL world of folklore! It was awkward, it was strange, the place was filled with candles, fairylights, musty tea cloths and a corner folk band, playing, folk songs on records, hand organs and all sorts of Tom Foolery.

My face was a picture, as my just gazed in astonishment at where life has brought me.The bar swirled with the smell of incense…(which I hate,) and sour notes were being played left right and centre, with neck scarves and folky people, who had all chosen the Tap and Barrel for their day out. Now, I don’t have anything against folk music, i just don’t do it. I’m a glamour puss. I have no interest in it, whatsoever. I love new things, new adventures and will happily try anything with a wink, but Dodge was rough and the sour notes were spinning him out, I was just shocked because it was like we had walked into some alternate Universe, as i’m apparently ‘all fur ocat and no knickers’ and BEN..well Ben secretly enjoyed it, but pretended  that he didn’t. Lol. He just enjoys music in general. All music. But he’s been to a Folk music festival before and honestly, I don’t care what situation you’re in….who goes to a folk music festival, if they don’t enjoy folk music. Big giveaway. he secretly loved it. HAHAH.)

Recorders were screeching, plant pots and tea cloths were everywhere, the pub was dark and candle lit, people where dressed folk, singing, and making polite folky conversation, then Ben spots someone ‘off the telly.’ I looked back…it wasn’t a Kardashian. Dodge looked forward…it wasn’t Morrisey. Ben Googled him, or sent his Dad a text…as it was a guy from Calendar, who does music events or something? I don’t know. But i was over the place by then.

We try and sneak about to get drinks and venture outside, yet it felt really awkward whilst people where performing folk tracks, as it kinda feels rude, especially because this little girl on her tiny folky guitar thing was really sweet. (Dodge wanted to steal the tiny, folky guitar thing and start performing Little Mix. ‘And it’s called Black Maaaagic……and it’s called Black Maaaaaaaaagic.’)

Long story short…get to the bar, chatting, talking shit….the boys are rambling on about how they want to buy the Ponefract Courthouse simply to hang out the windows shouting ‘Butler…..’ I’m stood with my gin and tonic in hand, having a brief conversation with them about Lord knows what…and little did i know that I had lent up into a CANDLE that was on the bar…and had SET MYSELF ON FIRE. 🙂 Hahaha. That’s my pink faux fur hood singed. 🙂

There i was, with my gin…ON FIRE at the bar and the funny thing is, that I missed the entire thing. Dodge is still talking to me, not noticing and chatting away like nothing bizarre was happening. Lol. Then Ben…dear Ben, becomes the hero of the hour, by looking at me, stating that I was ‘shit…on fire…’ and puts the little fire out with his bare Diet Journey hands. Awwwwwwwwww…bless him. That’s why it’s always good to have a ‘Ben’ around. He’ll always do the right thing and save a life, if he can. He burnt his fricking fingers. Dodge laughed soooooooo hard, that he nearly CRIED!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Anyway, i’m not going to bore you with much more. I’d had enough by them so we moved on to The Broken Bridge. Andy joined us…we did mini drinks and Dodge drank a pitcher…from the jug. I received a text from Jenna…who was in a taxi into town. We go meet up with her, (Plus, Adam and Demi etc…) and the evening ended on chitter chatter, watching boys bums lean over pool tables and life.

Boom. Done! (All I keep doing is thinking about the money that I wasted on last night. Lol.)

I’m off to get ready to film a Vlog.

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