Flash a bit of prelash much!

Good evening, my gorgeous droplets of midnight oil! How are you? Dandy? Great!

Well, i’ve worked all day, loved it…lived it…owned it…and then chased children around my living room, in a swirl of fairy lights, by a jumbo fox and owl cushion, as they fought over who i loved the most, as i attempted to make them fit into a selfie with me. Wait….the children i chased where my actual OWN children, just to clarify. I mean, i’m not some dodgy Pied Piper with all the children in all the land, in my living room. I don’t chase random kids for fun. I’m too old, too glamourous and too lazy. What Ruby and Junior have above other children is that they’re part ME….something i’m quite fond of. 🙂 So, they come first….but i’m sure you’re babies are lovely too. i just don’t want to chase them…i’m knackered and deserve this ‘they’ve finally gone to bed’ wine.

(Wow, that was an odd paragraph.)

Sooo. I have this week to sort out the beautiful plonking of lashes online for you to buy and i’m really excited for my big old Christmas sale/launch and ‘da…daaaa.’ I’m doing a prelaunch for Christmas to…well to be honest help sales. Then in January, i do my BIG OLD LAUNCH, where the lash line will truly be celebrated, panached for you. However, Christmas is the the first time that anyone in the entire world EVER, will be able to purchase lashes from my new luxury line. They are the first ones out…made with mink fur…and there are only FIVE HUNDRED pair of my lashes from this collection, that will be being sold THIS CHRISTMAS, form Dec 1st onwards! They are my limited editions…and the first five hundred are great because they  all come numbered, so you know which pair you bought from the limited editions…with a certificate of authenticity and gift wrapped.

They are purrfect for any girl of any style or mood  and well if anything….they MAKE GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS. 🙂 Wiggle…wink..hip bump…flutter….hair toss!

Hope it all goes well. Hope that you do actually love them.

Biggest kisses to you all.

C x

(Up early for work in the morning..need some shut eye.)

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