Five day birthday countdown and wee’s

Happy December folks! So…we all know that the exotic in me stops me from enjoying the cold, however like i said earlier, the simple fact that it’s Christmas, which just so happens to be my favourite time of year, means i’m adapting and embracing the frosty weather of ‘ice-ice-baby’ the best way any little kitty cat can. I have a smile in my face, a faux fur snuggling me warm, a ‘handsome’ on my arm and well after saucy sex dreams of me ‘winking’ in my sailor suit, you really can’t be frowning. Life is good and well the love lfie is even better. (Since the *hoo-haa* we haven’t been closer, which goes to show how strong and how close our bond is. He looked at me on the sofa last night, like he couldn’t be anymore filled with heart and quietly said ‘i love you. I really love you.’)
Lots of cheery Xmas chillaxing has been occurring over the past few days. My phones on the blink and only working when it decides to. (But i have a delightful ‘almost upgrade’ a happening on my birthday. Yipppeee!) We’ve breakfast’ed, lunched, shopped, giggles, enjoyed, worked, dreamed, celebrated and come back with a hoover and well a brand new car seat. I’d say good choices, as the previous time we came back, we returned with a sausage dog, which we swiftly had to find a new home. Rubes, has been a dream and joy. There’s been potty training moments, where she insists you go to the loo with her, hold her hand and sing with her. Keiran went with her the last time, as i ate jelly beans and watchd ‘Real Housewives…’ (It’s currently the DC one, which i’m finding a snooze fest simply due to the distinct lack of glamour. Politics….*yawn.* Plus, that one hideous blond one, who gatecrashed the White House party, who is so desperate to be famous that she lies about her entire existance…and needs to marry ugly rich men for money, urks me out. She has an evil twist, which i usually don’t mind. I do mind it in her and simply because i enjoy humourous, quick witted ladies. They do evil better and really don’t take themselves seriously. That bimbo, Barbie, skip around-mask thing, is over. She ruined it for everyone really, as the entire DC version of the show ended up getting cancelled after her little escapade. I hope she’s learnt lessons in life, as she’s far too old to truely be that broken.)
Anyway…all smiles… iwhat a day we had yesterday. We got so stuck in frosty traffic that we ended up starving and sining our own lyrics to famous chart songs. Only to find ourselves finally warm, in a high boothed venue, stuffing our faces with English breakfasts, by a man who had recently had a heart attack. He lost control of his ‘legs on wheels’ thing and rammed into the table next to us. I felt bad for him, as men have their pride. But don’t worry, we made him feel better during his ‘whoopsie.’ Well Keiran did…i just ate bacon and smiled politely.
Then we decided to buy ‘stuff for the house’ as in the boring stuff that you need in order to keep a functioning air of hygiene. Now we both hate spending money on things like bleach and toilet roll and all of the other unneccessary bits of hoopla, that cause me zero enjoyment, so we decided to go bargain shopping for them. BEST.THING.EVER! We got everything for about £20. I never felt so good. Infact we felt so good we walked to the market and accidentally bought a hoover..well a Dyson on the cheap. (It was sort of a happy, but pointless exercise, as i did later venture back out to the normal nearby supermarket and ended up accidentally spending £33 just on a bit of veg. You kinda get carried away at Christmas time, as it all gets the better of you. Before you know it, you’re leaping by sauasge rolls and elbowing grannies out the way for gerkins and pre cooked posh finger food. 🙂 )
Keiran and i had been adoringly in love all day, to the point where it would’ve made you sick. When we’ve in our bubble we’re tight and it really was wonderful. Plus, it was fantastic to actually spend some quality time with one another, just doing the day to day normal things, We hardly ever get to do that. (It makes sex better. Even though one night he did hide his willy from me. Erm…what? 🙂 I looked at him and playfully went to grab it, whilst shouting ‘what’s the point in being my toyboy if you’re going to hide your willy from me. I’m sending you back and getting another one from the catalog.’)
But yeah, we ended up at Toys R Us to buy a new car seat and toy golf clubs. The hubby is an avid golfer and well Ruby has decided to copy him. It’s on her list of great achievements. (The other things on her list are sitting on the potty, doing two poos and gleefully shouting ‘Ruby is a supySTAR!!!’ She said it with a screwed up faced passion and a victory fist…then called me ‘Chrissie’…which i really don’t enjoy. I mean the cheeky madame, will be talking to Keiran and then blurt out ‘Where’s Chrissie?’ Helllooooo!! I’m MUMMY. She’s already attempting to deny me. It aint that easy sweetheart! 🙂 She hears people shout me so much that i think she believes that she’ll get a feistier response if she joins in the fun.) Toys R Us ended up being manic, as Keiran acted like little orphan Tim, who had never seen or been to a toy store before. He was in pink Barbie cars, riding on scooters. Just causing basic mayhem, yet happily truely enjoying himself. I ended up leaving him outside and quickly paying for the car seat and golf clubs, to let him calm down. He did and well we then ended up going to the driving range to hti a few real golf balls.
(I didn’t hit any. I don’t play. I simply sat down and watched in a faux fur.)
The rest of the evenign was spend snuggly at home, watching telly and stuffing our faces. Bliss! Tomorrow i’m off to London for a quick filming day. I’m excited to see the girls, as i’ve missed them so much. But OMG how freezing will it be!!! Looking forward to it and getting really really excited!
It’s now only 5 days until my birthday and well on Monday, Keiran, Rubes and I venture off to the luxury log cabin, to enjoy a bit of birthday and Crimbo. WE can’t WAIT!! We’ve needed this break, all year!! (Why am i flashbacking about a time, i once wee’d in a plastic cup, in a car on the border of Mexico? If you think that parts sick. I ended up winding down the window and handing it to a street vendor, who was trying to sell me nuts a string and a taco. Hope he didn’t drink it.)
Merry Xmas!

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