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So i’m still ‘magic’ and i still have big boobs. I literally wished for bronzer, as i didn’t want to buy any myself, and the lady at the counter claimed, i had a free gift with my purchase….it was Bronzer!! (helloo….X-files!!) I wished for a phone call from someone in particular (he’s hot)…5 mins later….HE RANG!!! I was waiting to hear from 2 jobs, that i REALLY wanted, so i said they would contact me….i checked my email….both of them HAD, and it was YES!! I’m Sabrina the teenage witch!! Well more like ‘Chrissie the not so teenage bitch??’ Sorry that was crap!!

So job wise things are looking up!! I have days when i think i’m not gonna hail from my superstar platform, but today is NOT one of those days!! haha! I feel hot. I really DO believe i am going to be one of the hottest little sex symbols the world has to offer…I’m getting everything i wish for, and it’s because of my hard work (well implanted boobs…should i say!!) I am enjoying a vodka in celebration, and i guess you should too!! My boobs are lovely!! I’m gonna be a star!!! AND i’m a little bit pissed off because l don’t, fit into any of my tops anymore. No really…i’m not just ‘saying’ it. I’m actually having to walk around England, like i can’t afford a t-shirt that fits me!! It’s horrible!!! I mean there’s tight fitting t-shirts, and t-shirts that just DON’T fit, right??? I didn’t have time to buy any, because i had to buy my baby brother, everything in the world, and then some…for his birthday this week!! I should totally wish for more shirts!! FYI/ i’m leaving to go rub my boobs now…for you!!! (oooh baby)

2 thoughts on “Fit in it”

  1. oh my days chrissie u realy do have magic thrupneys buy the sounds of it babe. im realy pleased u are having a great day and enjoy that vokda and have a few more cheeky vods for me babe. i dont know what ot say about the tops as im not a bird and not good at advise on these things ask me bro a lot more in touch with his feminie side lol.good luck with everything chrissie . england is gonna miss u and i hope your bro had a good birthday did he go out on the swill anywhere good. take care chrissie tada scratch

  2. But Princess, think of all the fun you will have shopping for new clothes to adorn your new twins. Just get some guy to buy the stuff for you. I guarantee they will line up to buy you clothes just to see you try them on.

    I had a friend have her breasts done recently and she called the her “boys. She started making a lot more money after that and developed a real relationship with her “boys.”


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