Fit, Flashy, Fawn over

Watching Fearne & Craig David and i’m in love. How hot is Craig David!?! Infact, wait…lets sing it ‘Craaaaiiiiig DaaAAAAavviiIIiid.’ I adore him because he lives his life the way i want to…or well do. 🙂 AND to top it all off, he looks like Loverboy. I don’t know whether i fancy Loverboy because he resembles Craig David, or i adore Craig because he reminds me of Loverboy. But lets not dwell on that and instead lets imagine them both shirtless! Fit!!

We all know, i love a mixed raced boy. I love a bit of the exotic, a bit of the old ‘flashy flashy.’ I don’t mean chavvy ‘flashy-bling bling’…but i do mean that whole hip/hop, P.Diddy McBlingster ‘ooh laa.’ I’m naturally flashy, i love celebrating life with diamonds, jazcuzzi’s, chandeliers, cocktails, shimmies, fast cars and most of all PEOPLE! I like to show people i good time and i love to add fun into lives. I’m not one to care what anyone thinks. I grew up the Hollyway and well if i bring that to Yorkshire…then you’re just gonna have to adore it, or kitty cat ur pretty bootay out.

The good thing about the boys that i adore, (currently Loverboy & Craig David lol) is the fact that they are gentle men, who adore women. They love make and don’t F***. They treat you with great charm and sensitivity. They like to celebrate love, life, their woman and with style, softness and bedroom eyes. They enjoy beautiful things and femininity. I love extravagance and well all the boys I adore should do too.  ‘Beauty awakens the soul.

‘Fearne and..‘is a GREAT show and actually produced by the same guy that did the Paris Hilton one i was on. We call him ‘Thompy‘ and Kat used to really fancy him. (Helllo silver fox.) I’ve noticed how the Americans (apart from Hilton) kinda weren’t too bothered with meeting Fearne. I didn’t like that. I mean Mischa was a cow and Beth Ditto preferred to sleep. Yet the Brits…apart from Peaches Geldof have been polite, cordial and welcoming. Why is that? (OMG i sooo want his fluffy white cushions that are perched on his bright white sofa!! Now! Now! Now!!!)

Anyway enough of all that, i just wanted to check in really quickly and share my adoration for cocoa boys, with a gentle disposition, but an eye for a bit of ‘flashy,‘  who are maybe dipped in ‘sexy.’ Now my halogen heater is burning me alive. Niice. Can’t walk, can’t see and now with burns. (I love that Loverboy picked Me to be the Mother of his child…and i thoroughly enjoy that I picked him…and because we all know that’s really how it happened. 🙂 Aww…i miss him tonight. I want to give him a *kissy face.*)

I need an early night methinks. I’ve got a morning start!

Craig David is a sexy bitch.

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