Fistfully Woolly

Hey Babies! I just woke up. It’s 10.35am. According to my daily horoscope, that i seem to have ‘clicked’ on accidently. I have a ‘Fisty energy’ today. Fisty?? Now, i’m not a spectic, when it comes to the stars, or the zodiac. I’m all for them. Yet.. I feel more ‘just woke uppy,’ then a little Miss. Fisty pants.

Therefore, just to ease the reputation of this online astrologer. I’m deciding to prove she is GREATNESS by ‘FISTING’ everything i see today. (It’s the Chrissie Wunna logic. Fantastic, I know!) Yes, i am going to parade around the streets of Yorkshire, with my tiny, yet merry FIST and plunge it into as many things, my eyes can conquer. I’m going to wave it at old aged  ‘innocents,’ plunge it into jiggly jellies. I’m gonna rummage it into wriggly rummies and shimmie shine it like the hero it is.

This will probably begin with me, waddling down the street, all dolly frilly skirt and big furry boots, having a conversation with my fist, as i’ll be unable to find any single being wandering around the morning streets AT ALL.

Oh, wait? It says ‘Fiesty!’ Fiesty Energy. Oops…

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