First Year Of Marriage Surprise!


Sooooo, Sunday was the day before my wedding anniversary that was to mark our very first year of marriage. Well done US for actually getting through it in one jolly piece. *Phewf-Mops brow.*

Now, Keiran had this little bit of ‘love-fest’ planned for over two weeks without me knowing, as he’s always quite in tune with his inner romantic side and well that’s always been something that i’ve pretty much fancied about him. Right from the start, he’s been fairytale romantic, without me having to prompt him AND so far, he’s managed to keep it up. I’m an obviously sucker for love, meaning that it really was a great way to initially pull me and drag me back when times get a bit rocky.

Anyway enough of that…at 12.30pm, which ended up being 1pm, because my Mum was late to pick up the children. My mum is ALWAYS late for things and well i also believe that Keiran and my mother have this weird sense of rivalry going on between them? It’s sort of like they both want to be better than the other at taking care of my little family. Plus, they’re both quite enjoy being in control of things. To be honest, they’re actually a lot more similiar than they realize. But yes…I always vouch for them both against the other. My mum is my mum and has always always been there for me, every step of my kitty cat way. Keiran has proved to finally be stable and one of the greatest men I could ever have champion my corner. They’re both pretty decent, so i’m lucky to have them here…But yeah…my mum was late and he had a set time for a romantic anniversary lunch, at a place where it’s not so easy to get a reservation.

Anyway, i’ll cut all the crap out. My mum got here and took the kiddiwinkles on an adventure, as she was responsible for their well being for the next two nights. I had no idea what was going on, but I was told to pack a bag that included evening wear, casual day wear, swim wear and whatever else etc… (It was like he was entering me in a Miss.World Pageant.

So I stuffed everything in my pink leopard print ‘on wheels’ luggage and I plonked myself in the passenger seat and left my dearest Hubby to now be in control of my destiny.

The first stop, after a long winded drive, (he went down all kinds of little roads to confuse me, which he really didn’t need to do, as I truly have no sense of direction anyhow,) was the 3 Acres. Have you ever been there? YOU MUST. It is Fabulous. It’s sort of like 5 * dining in a comfortable, cosy, pompus, rich, lushy environment, up at Emley Moor. The rich, the famous and Prime Ministers have dined at such a place and well Keiran surprise took me there to begin with because it was the place he actually took me for our very first date, which was TWO years ago. (5 weeks later we were engaged. 11 months later…married.)

We dined on a delicious 3 course Sunday yumminess and we reminised over our life, love and relationship. It was all very odd not having the children and being on a ‘just us’ date. Yet it was sooo romantic that i kinda just HAD to go with it, as you know how much I hate leaving the kids behind. We laughed, we loved, we joked. I mean, Keiran was doing this bizarre face of concentration, the same face he did on our first date. But once he snapped out of it and got comfy and knew that I loved it, he relaxed and ‘woo’ed me with words like, ‘If you stop being a bitch, there’s more of this.’ πŸ™‚ Trying to tame and manipulate me via the method of luxury. I LIKE IT! Then he rounded it off with a ‘Sometimes I really hate you, but I really really love you.’ Lol. Only a man who truly loves you can say that to you. When a man really hates you, firstly he wouldn’t bother to plan such a romantic weekend and well he really wouldn’t tell you, he’d either tow the line or cheat on you. πŸ™‚

Lunch was lovely and well things couldn’t really be any better. Yet once it was over it was time for my NEXT surprise and so there I was sat back in his passenger seat, being driven to our next location.

Again he pointlessly took the long way around and headed into Leeds, only yo turn back to Pontefract. I knew we were going to a hotel, but when we were heading toward Ponty, I was beginning to get a little worried. ‘It’s not the Premier Inn is it?’

Long romantic drive and he pulls up both into Oulton Hall, which is one of my favourite places of nearby luxury. So many wonderful thing have happened to us both there, like my birthday, our wedding, New years eve and ofcourse the making of Baby Junior. πŸ™‚ I sort of knew he would venture there, as that where I would’ve booked. Yet once we got in and I was all giddy and filled with smiles, he sent me off to the bar, so he could check in? That was odd? He never sends me to the bar to chill, he daren’t. πŸ™‚ But no, he was all ‘You go relax baby and grab yourself a drink.’ I ventured to the Champagne bar and grabbed two red wines, as I waited.

He ventured back after about 15 minutes, with a smile on his face and a skip in his step, Then we both sat outside in the sun and watched over the golfers, as we loved and sipped on red wine.

Once done, he walked me back through the champagne bar, (he was all dressed up in a shirt and posh trousers) and grabbed a cloth napkin on his way out. We walked to the elevator and once we got in he placed the cloth over my eyes like a blindfold and told me to follow his instructions?? It was like The Matrix, but without the pills and a bit more lushy. (So..nothing like The Matrix at all then. πŸ™‚ )

He had me turning left, turning right, scooting forward, edging backwards…all sorts…and all blindfolded. I even went up stairs and everything, and all I could hear as background noise was the muffled sound of rich old men laughing. The hearty kind of laughter.

He walked me to our destination and well i heard a door open, so I knew we were at the room. As soon as he got me comfy, he asked me to remove my blindfold and OH MY GOSH, not only had he booked our very own giantic BRIDAL SUITE, equipped with four poster bed (that Junior was actually conceived on) for the next two nights, but he had COVERED the entire walk way into our room (as the Wensleydale Suite as a walk way into the actual living area and a door bell. πŸ™‚ I love the door bell,) with fresh red and cream rose petals. They led me to our suite and were sprinkled upon the bed and all sorts. It was OUT OF A MOVIE ROMANTIC. Then I walked up to the table and waiting for us was a card congratulating us on our first year of marriage, by an giant champagne bucket, a bottle of red wine and tiny choccies for us to share.


I am the luckiest girl in all the world and I have the most romantic husband in this entire universe. It’s crazy! I love it and well he’s scored major points. I love, love, love, him!

Then that wasn’t all…AS IF THAT WASN’T ALL, we then chilled in the room as I told him how thankful I was for all his efforts. I mean, it had been so amazing that I really couldn’t believe it, and we both threw on our bathing suits and white fluffy robes and went down to the spa for some time in the steam room, Jacuzzi and a swim. All luxurious. All divine. I even opted out of having a massage, that he really wanted me to have simply because he wasn’t going to be having one due to them not having any extra spots available and I felt that I wanted us to do everything together. I’d feel to awful otherwise. So instead we steamed, bubbled and swam in their heated pool, before heading upstairs for more chill time and to then get ready for the dinner he had booked! Crazy innit!!

We both dolled up, him in his posh skirt, me in my ‘love me’ dress and he escorted me down to the restaurant at 8.30pm, where we dined on venison, smoked salmon and well all sorts of tiny 5* goings-ons. Then we washed it down with vino and sauntered back to the room, hand in hand and in love.

Nothing is better than a night cap, followed by unwinding and getting under the plushy quilt of your giant four poster bed! I honestly felt like a QUEEN. It was so regal, so divine, that now I can only enjoy waking up fully if i’ve done it on that bed. It was old school luxury. We both fell asleep, ready to wake up the next morning and enjoy one year of marriage.

The next morning, Keiran woke up by squinting out of one eye and giving me a ‘Where the hell am I?’ And a ‘Who the hell are you,’ look. πŸ™‚ I looked like Cher, because I had put this black body stocking underwear on. It didn’t match the mood of the room. I felt odd in it. Nonetheless, we bonked, but more because we felt we had to. All was well and the rest of the time was spent in utter luxury. More breakfast, more spa, more luxury swimming and steam room, followed by room service, chill time, drinks in the champagne bar and dinner. The inbetween bits were filled with giggly moments of love on the four poster. We teased each other and I played the ‘Why are you in a thong game’ with him, which is simply when I give him a wedgie, continuously and simply because he hates it. We kept doing stupid things to each other and giggling, like children at our twattishness. I mean Keiran went into the champagne bar in Bermuda shorts and flip flops like he owned the joint and made the bar tended make him a Protein shake. Hilarious. Then he tried to save me from wasps, as he looked at old lady golfers bums.

Luxury, luxury, luxury, luxury, luxury, luxury luxury AND we were in the best care possible because the staff at Oulton Hall are amazing, really of go out of their way for us. They all know us well and we adore how great they all to us. They couldn’t believe we had already birthed a son. Lol. (I’ve spent the majority of my married life pregnant.) It all ended with other dinner drinks and then we went night-night for the final night of our stay in our four poster bed. Lights out. πŸ™

But what can I say. I’m speechless, so make what you will of that. Two night so utter luxury. It felt RUBBISH having to check out this morning. Really rubbish. luxury and I go waaay back. πŸ™‚ Β It’s always shit when you’ve had a super delicious time and then you have to go back to a less deliciosu existance. (I mean i’ve just had a jacket potato out of a peach coloured polysterene box. Far from my 5* fine dining treatment. πŸ™‚ ) I want luxury all the time and could live in Oulton Hall permanantely. *Do you hear me GODS??*

HOWEVER, the thing that makes your ‘less luxury’ sulk-fest much better is the simple fact that you get to see the lovelies that you left behind, who you have missed SO much. We both missed the children madly. I thought about them constantly and wanted Ruby running around the suite by day two.

In a couple hours we’re going to surprise pick them up from nursery and well Little Ruby will be FILLED with utter excitement to see us. Junior will probably gummy smile and try to poo, but we know he missed us too. πŸ™‚

I’m a proper wife now and a proper mum. Life couldn’t be better. What a man. What a family. What a world. Wunnaland ROCKS!!!

Big Smiles, could cry happy tears!

Wunna x

Enjoy some of the piccies..

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