First dates, Stylists & Messages.


Work went well today! I was kinda on my own, so I was chilling with no one to chatter to for ages. But time flew…meaning I must have fun when i’m on my own. Lol. I did get ‘moments’ to chitter about people’s love lives though, which made life worth living for a little while. Then I saw that a whole weird bunch of people had found my blog, by searching this sentence..:

‘Horny Farmer’s wife, out in the rain, in her wellies…’


In case you are one of those fellows and you’ve landed here by accident…welcome! It’s a tad bit more boring then you hoped for i know…wellies I can do..but my tiny fear of billy goat gruffs and pig snouts…means there are no animals of the farm yard variety available on this website. (Stop being pervy. Lol)

Okay, so Lydia sent me a bunch of options for my date night. She’s really great at it and I sort of cyber ‘nodded’ at the things that I liked and researched for other options inspired by her ideas. Then (and only in a sentence) she had a mini melt down, mid styling me…and decided to be depressed and jealous because she wanted to get glammed up and go on a ‘first date’ with a Doctor. Lol. Your’e stylist isn’t meant to have a fucking MELT DOWN and cry because they’re not on a date, whilst styling ME for a date. I love it! It’s hilarious. So i did the generous thing and offered to punch her really hard, so that she too could find herself in hospital and pull? (Junior’s currently crying because he’s got to the bottom of his Wotsits bag and there’s no left and Ruby is currently crying because Justin Bieber doesn’t want to date her?)

I’m not gonna bore you with my date excitement. (But know that i’m still super excited!) He’s been working all bank holiday, so today whilst i worked, I hadn’t heard from him…because we were both busy. Then just like that, as soon as I had finished my shift, I reached for my phone and without ANY prompting there is was..the most perfectly romantic message…reconfirming Sunday ‘Date Night’ (we kinda always do that don’t we..incase it all falls we get more nervous. Even I was thinking, ‘Gosh he hasn’t messaged me, what if..) But no…the Spanish Doctor, saved the day with a message that began with a ‘Thinking of you,’ had a middle full of compliments and romance…a confirmation of his excitement for Sunday, followed by a big ending of kisses…

Now his messages aren’t just like normal messages that you’d get off a like I said, they’re filled with love, sexiest and Spanish. There’s a calm spiciness to them, if that makes sense. (I think i’m just happy that it doesn’t read ‘See you in the Blacky?’ Lol) But I LOVE the way he expresses because he’s messages me normally, but with little Spanish twists. Like ‘besos’ and ‘Bella.’ It’s hot. I’m into it. He’s lovely. Get me on this first date!

However, yes, I will stop going on about it and instead tell you about Lydia’s rubbish first date with a random Ponte boy. (This is the difference.) He asks her out on a date, on facebook. They arrange to meet at Ego. They do. They get ONE DRINK and he disappears to the bar for 20 minutes on his phone. He returns after leaving her ON HER OWN for all that time and asks her if it would be okay for her to get picked up, because he wanted to go out drinking with his guy friends.


Then to make it even more romantic….Lydia states that she is unable to be picked up until 10pm and instead of being lovely, he recalls his friend and moans because he now feels bad and HAS to probably wait for her to get picked up. This is after he suggested that she paid for her own taxi home.

God, i can’t even go on…It’s appalling! No wonder she’s having a melt down! HAHAHA. I can’t wait to see her tomorrow.

Right now, I’m happy because i’m experiencing the opposite…I’m getting, ‘I’ll cook for you, romance you, adore you and love you.’ I have five days until ‘Date Night.’ I can’t wait. He seems amazing.

I actually had all my childcare sorted…However Keiran (Oh Keiran) swanned in with a ‘I can’t do my usual Sunday night’ text. He’s working all next week. Luckily…I have a great Mum.

I’m on a diet. I’m layering my tan. I’m doing my five day ‘first date’ prep. The usual really.

Hope you’re day is panning out deliciously. x

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