Fireworks, Champagne & a whole lot of learning


Had lots of wine, and lots of champagne mixed cocktails last night. Re-read a TWITTER which stated, ‘We drink to get drunk…not to appreciated the juice.’ I love my Twitter aquaintances!! You’re learning fast! Had a few ‘barney’s’ with boys. I mean oh my god, you guys can be sooo annoying. At times i feel you’re all lost and destroy everything that’s beautiful in this world. Yep, men (and i do mean random ones & maybe a few immature exes) have started to act out. They’ll just be annoying and abusive for attention. Just so i remember their existance. I don’t like it, it’s exhausting. I’m all about ‘LOVE/FUN’ and respect. You should be too. Live your lives the way you always wanted, instead of trying to damage the life of someone who is!! I feel if anyone ever disrespects me, or takes advantage of me, or doesn’t know how to have fun, or tries to damage the ‘love’ in me…I simply get a giant pair of scissors, sprinkle them with glitter, cut around their existance, fold the little dandy up and mail them to ‘Out of my life,’ Postcode ‘GONE.’

Glamour pusses refrain from anything too tiring and loooong. I’m a fast paced ‘shimmie’ of a girl. Plus, when i have booze, and a massive bundle of sparklers (I enjoy bitty light and fire)…I’m wanting merriment, and idiotically fun behaviour. Not ‘Why won’t you date me’ drama!! ( I won’t date you because you are tampering with a ‘good time’ gals…GOOD fucking TIME!!) Boys if you are all argumentative and annoying, a girl will associate you with ‘misery.’ Hey, i have a wacky idea, Lets ALL BE HAPPY and have FUN!! (Like trying to squeeze Grey Goose out of a lemon. Possible. But messy. And kinda just gets left in the bottom of the glass, to get visciously stabbed with the next  floozy’s straw.)

I didn’t get to bed until 3am, because whilst champagne cocktailing it on the courtyard, with rather cold friends, I had to learn my lines off a script, that is now stained with ‘merriment.‘ I was all wrapped but like a bundle of ‘handful.’ All snotty nosed, and trying to write my name with ‘sparkler’ through the air. Had earmuffs on and the lot, but found i couldn’t really hear anyone, which kinda actually made everything better! I spent the whole night, pretending i had a full head of hearing. It was like living a firework ridden silent movie…. around logs. (Oh the glamour.) But better because the joke was on them. I amuse myself a lot more than you think. I’m a piss taker. And i hate anyone who doesn’t enjoy a joke…at their expense. Hahahaha…

Anyway, i’ve godda run off my pretties and tend to being The Wunna. I have a bit of a work trip i have to take, so i’m a getting ready to paint this world the colour of ‘OOoooh!’

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