Finally…hot boys in sight!



(I was meant to post this yesterday.)

So….anytime you have a moment to enjoy a vino, you know that life is great! I’m doing well. I’m the hero of the hour and Christmas time is approaching, which means i’m at my most powerful, with me being a Xmas baby n’all. *Wiggle…wink…pout.*

I’ve made some close bonds, i have a great business team…and my day job is pretty jolly. I’m a mum and even though the bambino’s drive me bonkers…I’m handling it and doing ‘dreams come true’ whilst I single handedly raise them…WELL!

But more importantly…..TOTAL EYE CANDY at Starbucks Doncaster today! LADIES, you MUST go there, during the day, through the week. TOTAL UTTER EYE CANDY. I walked in this morning and it was almost like my eyes deceived me? I mean, it was like the cover of GQ, making hot frothy coffee’s for the masses. It made me very happy…and well in moments like that..brief ages ago telly stints help….the coffee boys love a bit of BBF! 😉 Plus, Rubes is charming. She’s wings it for me accidentally…without knowledge. YOU MUST visit Starbucks Doncaster, simply to smile, girls! It makes me want a coffee always. Doncaster is jazzing up a bit these days, and getting quite metropolitan. It’s making the boys hotter and the Ladies waaay more polished. I like it and i’m proud to say that it’s my home town. I have two days off. I’m back there tomorrow, to perv.

Ruby, Mummy day went well. We’ve done everything, lived and loved. It’s been awesome! I’m sorting out my online store and my signage for the eyelash line. (I fancy a bit of cheap billboard until I get my PR next year.) However, i haven’t yet sorted out my ad, as i’ve just got my high res pictures for it, so i’m gonna need great guys to organize all that for me. We have a great theme. I love themes.

My products are ready. My gift bags are on the way. I’m excited now and KNOW that i can do this…and well i feel like the luckiest kitten in the world.  all be rushy towards the end…but it’ll be fine. Even shopping malls are inviting me in for one day of an appearance/sell to get the word out there. The first batch are only meant to me my Limited Editions. Like the first five hundred, just for Xmas. But China have assured me that it will do better than I think? So have emergency product at the ready to get to me on request. Crazy. Innit!

‘Business Zach’ is AMAZING. He’s a trooper and i’m glad to have hired such a clever man, to jump onto Team Wunna…because without him i really don’t know what i’d do. Luckily, he’s the working brain and totally on it, like a champion. If you don’t know what you’re doing, hire people that do. I hope you all please buy a pair of m lashes for Xmas, as it truly would mean the world to me.

Other than that, i’m excited for Christmas. I’m feeling a birthday party this year. It’s like i’m adding more ‘stuff’ to a very full schedule. But if you can’t celebrate your B’day with all your friends, now you’ve completed pregnancy..than you are nutty! I’ma  good time girl at heart…so fuck it…yeah..lets get it ON! I can’t wait. Roll on December!

Okay, i’ve got a nursery run, so i’ve got to go. I’m working ALL weekend, after having tomorrow off.

Wish me luck. Sending you love. Make sure your day was worth it!

Eye candy, Starbucks, Doncaster! But only on Thursdays!! 🙂




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