Filming, Ruby & Drama


You know when you just need to catch a ‘moment.’ One of those ‘moments’ that untraps you from feeling suffocated by weak drama and gets you back to a space where all the things that are actually important comes to focus and everything and everyone around you is positive, calm and successful. I need that ‘moment’ and because i’m feeling trapped. We all know i’m not Wunnaful when i feel suffocated, but for once…i’m not slipping out of my heels, into my fur boots and doing a runner. I’m feeling happy. I’m feeling strong. I’m feeling glitzy and well when you have so many wonderful things going on in your life, it’s important to not get distracted by the ‘unimportants.’  It’s got to the point where i now need space because i’m not even being allowed to celebrate the marvellous things occuring in my life, due to people who have nothing going on in theres clouding my happiness.

Right now, i have so much on and so much to organize that i can’t even being to think and shimmie forward. On the work front, i have the book release, i have my tv/radio tour being organized, the signing tour, the interviews, the organization of a Playboy bunny shoot, a normal and celeb guest list to conjour up, the book launch party at Bed to pull off, a show i’m filming, another show i need to sign off on, appearances, another book and a new business plan to give my all too. It’s hectic and i feel like i’m doing it all on my own.

On a personal front, i’m a mummy, a wife to be and even though they seem simple, due to outside drama, everything is becoming a great deal more stressful. (I’m even writing this whilst getting yelled at.) Today is an emotional day for me because i’m waiting to hear about something that’s been occuring and well like i said, i firstly needed support, however now that’s not really happening, i now just need space!!

Baby Ruby walked…as in properly walked for the first time yesterday and it’s just one of those moments where you look at the little innocent life you’ve created, see her tiny little gummy smile and utter face of excitement and just internally breathe with delight. It feels AMAZING and i feel sooo proud. (It’s taken her ages, poor little thing.) Yet again, hours after that happened…i was clouded by unimportant drama again and i can’t even now enjoy a moment as precious as that.

Today, i’m busy, really busy and now exhausted by ‘tittle-tattle’ that is not only boring, but ridiculous, to the point where i’m now smart enough to blank it out and commit myself to my opportunites. I’m ffeeling feisty, i’m concentrating on the amazing things and i’m really really lucky to be so blessed with the life i have right now. I’m loving all your messages and really grateful for your love. I have a huge amount of support for the book and launch right now and well it couldn’t have come at a better time. My advice to those going through the same sort of thing is to cut out all negativity, because the only people who cause it and hate on you are always the people with nothing going on in theres. The decent people have far too much to focus on and because they’ve focussed on the correct things and worked hard all their life to get there. Don’t let unimportant drama get to you. Rise above it and let them scramble through their own issues. Any being who has ended up being successful, has gone through the exact same thing and because they were clever enough cut all ‘blah-blah’ out, and rise above it, they’ve managed to conquer their dreams. They knew what was important and didn’t fall for the ‘yadda-yadda.’

Later on this afternoon, i’m filming for a show that i’m doing and that will go on through to the evening. I’m really excited because i’m getting to film at ‘The Castle,’ one of my favourite places to dine and well i believe that will be after filming at home for a little while beforehand.

Today is meant to be about love, romance, results and happiness. But first i need space.

I’m looking forward to getting back into filming. It feels like the only thing that makes me feel calm.

Thank you sooo much for following my life! (The team… which really is just Wazza and I…are really really grateful.)

ps/ I’m beginning to get really pissed off with people who attempt to control my blog. You really don’t get tooo, hence why it’s called ‘Chrissie Wunna’ .com. Wacky concept, i know.

Celebrate the life you have and make your mark upon this delicious world of ‘ooh laa.’ If you don’’ll probably really regret it. I’ve now got to totter off and sort out my wedding scrapbook. Beautiful ideas!! I’m well impressed.


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