Filming ‘Miss.Romance’ & Trannies

Right so i’m gonna tell you a bit about what filming went like at the weekend for the Openning titles & Promo for ‘Miss.Romance’ a new show i’m in…where I (luckily) am cast as ‘Miss.Romance.’ Obviously, i can’ t tell you everything, as you’ll have to wait n see, but i will tell you that it pissed itself down all morning, and therefore i ended up being late. Luckily, so did the everyone else, but the crew and our lovely Lindsey Youngman (she’s my personal hair and makeup hottie. That’s her in the pic above, fiddling with my tits.) Therefore i looked early…woohoo! I love Lindsey, because on set she’s all professional & shy. Then behind the scenes we talk about boners, why my hair smells like ‘sweets’ (and god it really did…yum,) why anybody would want to ‘Fuck

We all did crew breakfast..lots of fucking hotties on the team…all of them horny. It was a joyous gang of boners. There were many clevage  shots for no real reason…which i like!! It’s my talent. They even had a meeting about my tits. And to say i kept going on about how nervous i was…i actually wasn’t that bad at all…infact quite naughty, and michievious if i’m honest. If you’re working with me ever…behind the scenes is always AMAZING. (For me!) You go in, all nervous. You leave, with emotional scars, herpes, but happy. Now… i’m a fun girl and usually fun at someone else’s expense.  Yet I have never laughed that hard IN MY life. Let me tell you…the people around me, made me look all pure and demure. You have NO idea!! They’re fucking whacked!! Hahaha….I LOVE IT! All we did was bully and mentally abuse each other all day…and take up space in my dressing room. I remember peering in and seeing what looked like the reject cast of a fairytale. Lindsey was the only normal person…which in itself made her odd.

I had a real Tranny in my kitchen, all day wiping down sides. Normal people have cateres or Mexicans, or slaves. Then Runners who were obsessed with ironing everything i own, and forcing me to drink ‘Red Bush’ tea. (I only drink vodka at work, before noon. The only time a Red Bush is ever going near my ‘pout’ is if i’m being orally raped by Margaret Thatcher.) I loved the runners! They run and fetch me anything. (‘Midgets Please!/Done’) There was a crazy, mentally ill, bundle of oldish spanish, female joy, who spits her teeth at me, who we named ‘Tamma Gotcha.’  (That lady…was insane and had to get strangled for it….by the tranny. There was a hottie who had 3 minutes to seduce me. ( I know it’s a hard life.) An indian songstress, a middle aged lady tap dancer, a Gay…called Adam, TWO NAKED BRAZILLIAN GO-GO DANCER boys, (one had a wife and kid….buzz kill…fire him)  a director, a producer, a giant horny crew, a penis mic…a tomboy MINI ME, a blond, but more importantly a fucking TRANNY IN MY KITCHEN!!! Hahaha..CHAMPION! It was just one of those moments where we’re all on lunch break, sitting in the fooding area, verbally abusing ‘Tama Gotcha’ who’s feeling her old woman tits, (we filmed it all on ‘green screen’…to put animation in…and we kept insisting that Tama Gotcha wore ALL GREEN, so she could just be head n hands…OR get a man in a green suit, to HUMP ‘Tama Gotcha’ over a dog…and then all of a sudden one by one, everyone sort of looks up to the breakfast bar, as naked muscle bound man in a towels walks by and sees our resident TRANNY, pouring orange juice for people in the kitchen. I don’t know why we found it so funny…but i’m actually CRYING at it, whilst typing. (‘Tea? Coffee? Anyone want a yoghurt??’)

The rest you’ll have to wait for!!! If u don’t have a Tranny in your kitchen you really are NOBODY. And if you don’t have a ‘Victim of the day’…you’re worthless. Anyway, tonight i’m out in Camden with

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