Filled with love… and booze.

Life is nothing short of a marvel right now. I couldn’t be happier. I have the most beautiful little girl, the most loving hubby-to-be, the greatest family and work is finally blooming the exact way it should be. I couldn’t be more content, to the point where i was slowly walking down a sunny Yorkshire village street, with a bottle of wine in my hand and a smile on my face, thinking it just can’t be any better. I’m over joyed with happiness and yeah it took a long time to get there…but i did it and if nothing else, in Wunna Land that is a victory in itself. All anyone needs in life is love, a sense of ccomplishment and happiness. When you have a moment (even when hormonal) where you *pause* look around you and think ‘I ADORE BEING ME’….everything else takes second place and blurs into a fuzzy backdrop of noise. I can’t believe how great and feel and i swear on my life, it’s based upon me  finally feeling whole. Incase you are a being who is feeling down in the dumps, or you’re chilling on rock bottom, in a rut with a vodka, or just need to feel loved…know that you’ll get there. I’m a girl that’s hoped and tripped up lots. Everythime, i faithfully picked myself up with a wiggle and a giggle and that is why i’m a place in my life, that i’m just gonna call ‘good times.’

I’ve played, workaholic, happy housewife and mummy for the majority of this week. I’ve been dying to see my beautiful hubby-to be, who arrives home Monday afternoon. However, as sods law will have it, as soon as he gets back from work, i’m having to head out, before i even get to see him, to work. I’m in Birmingham filming tomorrow all day. Followed by filming the next day in London. Yet even though i’ve missed him madly over the last few days, getting to see Keiran, tomorrow even after a long day at work and a laborious train ride home, i’ll be giddy with that ‘pure love’ excitement. I’ve got the wedding bug and, well we both just can’t wait until our BIG DAY! 🙂 #Yay!!!! (Who’da’ thought.) I mean, i’ve cried due to missing him, i’ve cried out of happiness (helloooo almost period,) but come August 12th…i’ll be stood there infront of him, vowing to love him forever and that moment will be the next chapter in our book of lurve.

Before Keiran (who is the man of my entire dreams) even left, he looked at me, told me how much he loved me and said that never in his entire life had he EVER looked at a girl and been so taken back by her and left breathless by her beauty. Awww…! I feel like i’m marrying the most romantic man alive and it feels wonderful because we know each other better than anyone else does. I know a secret Keiran and he knows a secret Chrissie and together we have this bond that is stronger than the a ‘fairytale.’ (Eat ya heart out Cinders!) I mean he sent me a text saying that, he loves the fact that we’re doing ‘forever’…it makes his heart feel whole. I just can’t believe i’ve managed to find a man like that and well i hope every girl in this entire world, never gives up hope, never sells herself sort and holds in there for her perfect man. Everyone has a different perfect. He is mine. We have a love that is completely’s almost beyond words and  A FAMILY that is dipped in delicious. I’m over the moon.

However, unfortunately my gorgeously loving man, who called me today to tell me he needed to get off an island, managed to get into a pickle, where his work van broke down and left him stranded in the Isle of Wight. UGH! Not fun. I’m worried, and well i miss him. I want him home right now. It’s crap because he’s had to get a lowrider to carry his van, ALL the way to a ferry, and THEN have the van dragged all the way from the otherside to Wakefield. Looong much. I want even get in a snuggle before i go to film. He hasn’t had a good nights sleep, a bit of wifey, or a cooked meal in a week! I’m feel awful for him, but i’ll get to see my baby, when i get home tomorrow.

I have a lot going on right now and the wedding preparations are all getting exciting. We get the invitations this week and will be inviting those close to us, who adore us both and who wish to celebrate our union with a whole hearted love. The people that matter to us and cherished us al the way. It’ll be a really important day for both Keiran and I. We’re both hopeless, meaning our vows will not be taken lightly, they’ll be all big and weepy, under the watchful eye of Cupid.

…then we’ll drink in celebration and enjoy every bit of our first moments as man and wife.

Anyway, i thought i’d check in quickly because i just haven’t had time, as my life is scheduled up. I’ve got a lot on my plate, but loving it, loving Rubes and taking it like a champion.

I’ve actually just got off the phone to my mum, who i’m truely close too. I love calling her, when i’m on my won, before i go to sleep, because she’s always so positive. Apparently if you go to bed, with a positive mind, your dreams come true. 🙂 I told her that for the first time i feel in love, whole and happy and now that i’m a mum, i know that to ANY mother’s ears it makes you feel wonderful. I’m HER baby Ruby.

Must got to bed now…in my bendy rollers. *Ouch.* Can’t wait to film in Birmingham tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the hubs! I’ve got an 8.23am train from Wakefield Westgate.

To anyone reading this blog, i hope you have a magical day.

All my sexy love,

Chrissie x

FYI, Folding laundry is much better when pissed. #wunnawordsofwidsom


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