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There are really not enough hours in the day, when you’re a mum, a worker, filming, planning a wedding, attempting to have a social life and a gusset scrubber to blog. I’m once again exhautsed, but fuck it i’ve had wine, after text shouting at ‘working away’ Keiran…we’re all good…and still fricking glitzy. Oh and happy father’s day to all UK Daddies. Love your little ones and they will forever cherish every inch of you. That suit pretty much follows in any game. Learn it and you’ll beย a champion. *Wiggle-giggle.*

Okay, so Thursday morning, i was up at 5.30am, playing with my ‘early waking’ baby Ruby #fun, with bendy rollers in my hair and an attitude problem. Ruby is my soft place and when i need time to realize the world, she is the only thing that can tame my kitty cat fire. I did the nursery run at 8.30am, in a taxi, a cocktail dress, with the fruit of my adoring loins pretending to have a conversation with me on a Blackberry. Welcome to Wunna land. I walked her into her ‘A,B,C’s looking like i was attending a budget Oscar ceremony. The other mums and nursery are quite lovely to me regardless because they get the trials and tribulations of being ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ However when you’re daughter doesn’ t want to play ‘Tweenie’ tracks and instead wants to play pretending she’s on a Blackberry, in a tiara, wiggling to hip hop and pelvic thrusting..you know you’re in trouble. I blame my great parenting. But ah well…i have the most beautiful little girl ever. (Even if randoms believe ‘hate mailing’ me and using her as their arguement is okay. I might look like a bit of a ‘flooze’ but i’m a GREAT mother. Taking out your petty insecurities on a 1 year old..just because she so happens to be mine, means to need to adjust your decency levels. But i’ll get back to that later.)

That day, i immediately had to taxi it straight from a nursery run to Westgate train station, to get to Manchester for a full day of filming. I didn’t get home until 11pm and worked ALL day. I love Manchester and you certainly did me proud. However, as always i can’t tell you anything about it. (Bummer, i know.) But if you saw me, you saw me and if you didn’t…you didn’t. I loved it and it certainly hails as one of the best days i’ve had this month. It ended in cocktails with new friend Fran, as it always does with me. I only managed to catch my last train by ONE minute and with her leaping onto the train after a cocktaily sprint and holding the doors open. I was still in a party dress, sprinting and texting. (‘I only sprint for girls that i love Chrissie.’) I adore Fran…especially because she banned me from my menthols with an ‘I’m just as feisty as you honey.’

I loved Manchester and mainly because i’m beginning to think that Wakefield is full of scrotters! I watched the random taxi driver, who tried to bone me, attempt to get into my eyeline for attention, love or a chance. (Go home to your wife mate.) AND a wannabe glamour modelling type, gurning at a 10.31am in the morning…in too much fake tan and no clue about life. (Get you act together honey pie.) I went to filming mildy bitchy, i admit. But there’s nothing wrong with a girl having an opinon and well mine’s to be voice, regardless as to what people might think of me. I do it with a smile and glitter. Which really does make it okay. ๐Ÿ™‚

Other than that, i’ve been rushed off my feet with work, tumbling drying, mummy time and wedding planning. Luckily i have my mum and Kelly to help me. I went over to Kelly and Phil’s the other night and well they are like Godsends to me..and have wine. I’m really loving my time with them and well if any couple ‘get it’ it’s them. I’m luckily to have them in my life….and wine. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kelly is a champion and being helpful with weddings and Phil is Keiran’s new ‘bromance.’ (Even if i do have a generator in my kitchen now, due to him. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I love life and i love them. However, after that meet, life got busy and i couldn’t even find a moment to myself. The next day was accidentally spent in Doncaster, when i was meant to be wedding planning. The bad thing is, i couldn’t get back in time. the good thing is i was weirdly ‘off the telly ages ago’ popular in Donny that day. (Which we all know i adore.) Rubes was ace because she was constantly cute on cue.

Anyway, today.. was spent with The Wunnas treating my daddy to lunch with love. I’ve never felt fuller and more happy to be happy, which can’t really be too bad. (Yes, i had wine.) I forgot to tell you that i accidentally worked out the other day too, making me really disappointed in myself. Even though a dance class is hot..and i did used to be a dancer. After a million our stiletto workout around Manchester all day…it really is exhausting. I have a surprise that i can’t tell you about. A surprise where losing my post-preggo wait is essential. ๐Ÿ˜‰

…so here i am, all happy, proud, loving my daughter and well Keiran gets back in the morning..and the storm begins. Keiran and i have had the most lovely week of romantic text messaging…but now i’m angry at him, for being a previous man whore. He’s text me with a ‘sorry..what can i do to make it better.’ Anwser: EVERYTHING. I’m beginning to not like, me having to plan the entire wedding, him working away and then showing up at the top of the altar, when it’s time to ‘i do’ it. There’s a distinct lack of romance in that. I’m never want our bond to be distance….especially on my wedding day. That’s not fair or right?

THEN i get ‘hate mail.’ I haven’t recieved ‘hate mail’ in ages, because now most my mail is adoring, then right out of the blue trundles in a bit of ‘private twitter love’ stating that my parenting skills are crap, due to my previous nude pictures and that i’ll never be..what’s the word ‘famous’ because of it. Then i got called a ‘fake ass.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and that they hoped my little girl wouldn’t get picked on in school for it. Hmm..?

First of all..my child is fine thank you and my previous ‘haven’t shot in years’ nude photos are also quite jolly. I replied to the ‘wannabe glamour model’ #hypocrisy much with a *yawn.* I think i’ve done alright, with a move to Hollywood, a 10 year career in modelling, a tv show, another on the way, a book out, a wedding to come and a beautiful little girl. If you don’t…then that’s not my problem. I love my life. You love yours.

Celebrate who YOU ARE. Rather than hating on the people you’re not. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good advice. Oh and due to my history my daughter will be educated at one of the best schools missy. #rubbishwhenthathappensinnitbabe ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m looking forward to life, a bit stressed with all the wedding planning. Happy the hubby to be is coming home and ready to wink my way to victory.

I’m quite feisty today for an oldie. I need a little sit down. Haha!


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