Feels Good To Be On Northern soil…


Back home in Yorkshire after a few days in London. To be honest Tuesday, when i didn’t work and hung out with a boy was probably like the most fun. It was hilarious, and just great. Wednesday was a bit rubbish and well then i worked at Embassy with sammie and ended up at G-A-Y…which was fun. I mean it always is, but i was just knackered. My age is a showing, but i’m in a stage of my life where i’m wanting to settle down, keep working and stay away from the bullshit. I’m a positive girly girl and i just need positive people, who don’t annoy me (lol) around Me. But yeah, work is good right now.

Today, i checked out of The Regency hotel. (Which might i add was wonderful.) I mean my suite was delicious. Then i spent the rest of the day in Camden, because i had managed to steal

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