Feed Me Your Slush Puppy…

I’m waiting for 2010 to hurry up and get here. I’m done with Christmas. It’s over, we had fun….what’s next? I’ve just been talking to Big Brother Rex about his birthday ball and the fact that i will be bringing my boobies. He responded with an ‘I’ll bring my nail brushes!’ lol Then one of my gay Lovers ‘Joshie‘ (Best friend of ‘Hextall’ and was on our BBF show..he tap dances & everything) messaged me a ‘Fuck my fox hole.’ I told him to ‘Lick my fish hump.’ Then he told me that  i have parts that pong of greasey onions, and that he wants to immediately MARRY me, and HIDE me in his pants, so he can feed me his ‘love slush puppy’ all day long. I mean…i’m rather bored. It kinda sounds like a plan, Big Boy… 😉 (UGH…why have my fucking boobs shrunk!! *Frantically calls Doctor!!*)

Anyway, people with no taste, always natter on about how i’m a bad role model for the young kiddies of the world, because they all write to me, talk to me, and tell me their problems. Which really isn’t too evil, now is it? I mean, how dare I reply to them and talk to them. I’m poison!! HAHAH..! As if! Please do grow up. I think, i’m a brilliant role model, because i’ve lived, done everything wrong and well I talk to them like grown ups and tell them where i went wrong and then let them make their own decisions. It’s light hearted fun banter. I make them feel good about themselves.

What parents don’t realize is that their kids are a great deal more intelligent than they think. Parents don’t trust their own children and FORCE them to be who they want them to be. You don’t need to smother the fruit of your loins and tell them what to do, because if you let them actually make choices, they usually make the right ones. If you force them to do as you say..you ruin their ‘being.’ (My mum used to smother me and dictate who i dated and what i did with my life etc… and it ruined me. I moved to Hollywood and FUCKED myself UP good and proper. Now we’re fine, but it’s after a ginormous, ‘thought we would never talk to each other again-you don’t know what’s best for me ‘ BLOW OUT! Now we’re so incredibly close & because i  stood up for what I believed was right!!) Know that I don’t just wallop out advice, i listen more than anything…but the key factor is that i listen without judgement. Infact, it’s not even just kids! It’s men, women, boys, girls, gays of ALL ages. Even my own Mother, will now ask my advice on things. I always think it’s best for people to make their OWN choices, good or bad. I did, regardless as to what anyone thought, even my own Mother and well i did pretty well. Bumpy ride. But i got to my ‘Happy‘ place faster. The quicker you feel the pain, the faster you are to getting over it…innit. (I now have headache from once again, not learning and drinking Port.) But parents *not that anyone of you are reading this* your kids are remarkably smart. They’re wiser than you think, when left to their own devices. I mean, they don’t wanna hurt themselves, just as much as you don’t want them too.

Anyway, i’ve been trying to figure out my New Years Resolutions,  and because i couldn’t i decided to go to Pamela Anderson for Advice. And well this is what she said:

.Write a love letter. Write a Thankyou Letter.

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