So, other than driving into things, i’ve got a rash & a rash all over my FACE! yes! My fricking FACE! Now, for those of you who don’t know and you’d only know if you were my Mother, I guess….I have psoriasis. And I only get gifted with my merry dose of psoriasis, when my body is run down, i’m on a diet, or i’m about to ride into my ‘time of the month.’ I’m all of these things right now and the Good Lord, has decided to bless me by letting the rash crusty drizzle it’s way around my face like a rash, itch my scalp and grizzly my eyelids. All it is is dry skin, that turn rashy and i have a very mild does of it, but it’s annoying. I mean NOT THE FACE. +saveme +mama +ouchy +poorme +ititches +ineedanambulance +mysorryskin +mirrormirroronthewall +pityparty +newskinplease +psoriasissucksballs

I’ll get over it soon, after i’ve gotten over the urge of scratching my face to pieces. It’s a mind game, i tells ya! But yes. Rashes. Horrid things. Automatically make you feel ‘dirty.’

Okay. Next bit.

I’m out on my travels today and at the same time (because I have to tend to a lot of work from my phone) i’ve recieved my gift wrapping ribbon samples…for well….the gift wrapping πŸ™‚ for my eyelashes and their lash boxes. I like prettifying things…so even though it’s just a bunch of branded ribbon, to tie up my tissue paper wrapping, which will then go in a prettily branded retail gift bag, that I am still designing…i’m enjoying it. I love the little creative bits. Makes me happy. I lav all the important business stuff to ‘American Business Zach.’ Lol. Like i’ve always said…stick to your strengths folks. Don’t try and be something you’re not. Embrace your natural abilities…your God Given talent as they tell you on every single talent show, as it’s only that way that you will flourish to the lofty heights of true fabulosity.

I stopped by the petrol station today in pinstripes and well i didn’t need to fill up, i just needed coffee because I woke up feeling dodgy. (Face rash. Maybe i’m allergic to something?) Anyway, got to the cashier and the young twenty something guy serving me starting to giggle mildy and after stating that i was to pay Β£2.40 or whatever it was…POINTED at a single dodgy plastic box of almost gone off fruit, the kind with the plastic cellophane over it and said, through mini laughter, ‘Do you fancy some plums?’ πŸ™‚ There was a moment where my eyes slowly goosey gandered to the almost gone off plums for Β£1 and then we both just pissed ourselves laughing. πŸ™‚ He finished it all off by saying, ‘That’s what my boss is making me say to everyone. He thinks it’s a great idea.’ HAHAHAHA.Β 

I am even STILL pissing myself at it!!

However, i did notice that he then didn’t say it to anyone else in the line, as I walked over to a section that sold ‘just car stuff,’ and only said it to me. So, i don’t know whether he thought that I looked like someone who would find it funny, or get the joke, or whether his boss had JUST informed him of his new little duty, OR he just fancied giving it a whirl on Wunna? But nonetheless, it made me chuckle for hours. ‘Do you fancy some plums?’ MADE MY DAY! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Then i noticed that when i walked out of the petrol station my buttons were undone!!! I SWEAR DOWN, that i always walk into places fully buttoned up, like a nun, or school girl who’s never seen boys. (Well sort of like that. πŸ˜‰ ) And then I walk out of places looking like a slut! I don’t know how my buttons unbutton themselves…but they do and without fail? There’s not point in me even attempting to rebutton as i’n like the cast of ‘Girls Gone Wild’ and The Pussycat Dolls in one. I can turn anything ‘Playboy.’ Put me in a big bag and the bin bag would mysteriously find a way to have peeky holes in the nipple area, like the sweater on ‘Mean Girls.’

My rash is itching. GOOD GRIEF. It kills! πŸ™

I’m looking at beauty products and ordering gift bags, so i must venture off before it’s time for the nursery run.

Travelling is tiresome. I just want to *blink* and be places already!




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