Family day Out

Yesterday was GREAT. It was one of those days that you simply expect to flow to the tune of quite ‘normal,’ yet just so happened to end up being DELICIOUS!

It was family day in the Wunna Household. Each Wunna works hard, therefore one day of the ‘yeah, yeah baby’ weekend is always dedicated to clinking our glasses to the joy of being a Wunna. It is the only day where i..Ultimate Glamour Puss extra-ordinaire am selfless. Other peoples wishes come before my own…and i usually never do it in heels. I know *shock-horror.* But whatever it gives my poor able feet a rest. Even though the theory is that girls with bad feet have good shoes. Part of me is far too vain to wham out a bundle of piglets on the end of my feet, that look like they need to grunt after a good old feed. I have a pedicure ever 2 weeks and one day put of the week…i don’t wear heels. I’m kinda practising for when i’m millions of pounds heavier due to having and a baby inside my belly. I apparently will not beable to wear heels. #Justwatchme! I’m having champers at the birth of my child and i’m tossing *snuggems* straight to Daddio, as i *strut-strut- pout* out of that Infirmary. I guess you don’t nede heels to strut. You just need attitude.

Anyway we ended up at the garden centre. Victoria garden center actaually for a spot of Wunan Family lunch. My mother loves flowers. My Father loves Sunday dinner. My brother and I are obedient. Therefore we lunched it on deliciosuness in the calm and peace that Vicotria garden centre has to offer. Met a few family friends, discussed life. I got yelled at for brining up forbidden names of females, mid potatoe mouthful and then i got forgiven because I’m ‘Chrissie’ Wunna and it’s not too beneficial to be mad at me for too long. You can’t resist the old charm i have a going on. It woozes out of me, like a magical lull of ‘come to mama.’ [You know the eyes. Do them here.]

I lvoe Victoria garden centre…well not for too long, but because it has already started to smell like Christmas. The whole place was filled with an aroma of nugmeg, tinsel, wrapping paper and warm spirit. It’s August. There was no tinsel in sight. But i know it’s approaching. I could sniff the robins a mile off. Crimbo is my favourite time of year, as it is the month where in which i was bron. December that is. I’m a saggitarious! I want Christmas to be NOW, as i’m sick of summer. I feel like it’s over. the fall weatehr is approaching and i love my winter wardrobe. (Not that i’ll fit into it this year!) Bring on the furs!

I got bored of the gadren centre after dinner, because eating tired me out. I laid awake most of the night dquirting flies with hairspray that i really thought would eat me. It’s self defence. I’m like Mr. Miyagi, I can catch them with chopsticks…but really not at all. Who has the patience for such foolery? I use the stuff that keeps my Hollywood bounce a curly. My spray is so strong it could hold a penis up. (Petes tasted like hamsters and beef the other night. It tasted like he had just woken up in a brothel or something?)

But yeah, the garden centre exhausted me after 20 minutes, so you make sure every other person in the vicinity knows i’m bored i sit on ALL of the garden furnituer, like a little dolly garden model and text…with a deliberate *bored face.* I sat on the swinging chairs. (Means a whole different thing in my world. The last time i sat on swinging chairs, a horny LA couple were trying to ravage me, in undies that were far too small for their frame. It was like being molested by jabba the hut..and his mum. Never ever again! Oh i’ve lived and my stories even terrify me!)

Anyway, the rest of the time was wastaed with me sitting on ght eterrace garden furniture, the deck, the garden waterproof wciker cabin, the lemon deck cahirs and the ‘half price off’ furniture…which is always on it’s last legs. I try to break it with my bum…but it never works. The funny thing about all that was that i thought i was texting, however, i was actually only PRETENDING to text,. That’s how insane i am. That’s how attention whorey i am. I’m not even living in the real world. I have my own magical world of ‘ooh’ bubbled around me. I was PRETEND texting on cheap garden furniture.

I got a pic & pix, and we all trailed off to the cinema to watch Karate kid. Great movie, exact same story. Loved every moment of it, and totally having Gary Glitter thoughts about Jaden Smith now…who is still only a child. I’m thirty this year and need to learn not to bagsy little boys for when they grow up. I’m sick, we know. Lets move on! It’s only a phase. But i will say he’s a phenominal actor! Omg! How brilliant!  I love him. Then I kitty cat munched my way through bags of popcorn…but really wanted a slush. My appetite is creeping up on me. It’s very scary. Very scary indeed. *Looks down at tummy and sighs.*

Great day with all he family. I hung out with my grandma, counsin , aunty and uncle too. Then after a little rest filled with caramel wafer biscuits, i found myself going to dinner in Leeds.

Now i didn’ think i was going to have a good time. But i ended up having a marvellous time. This is why you should ALWAYS go out, even when you feel like you can’t be arsed. When you expect nothing, everything that happens on the night seems much moer fun.

I ended up at ‘Ho’s’ (lovely name) in Leeds. It’s a little chinese restuarant. I haven’t been able to indulge in chinese food recently due to it making me feel like i need to puke, so it was a re-greet with crispy pork and yeah…it was delicious!

Purrfect company. Perfect night, Laughter, love, and giggles. Lots and lots of food. It was like a feast, fight for the king of China. I love celebarting the oriental in me. The cultures amazing. Full of mystery, love, power and magic, which is half dipped in a conversative ‘ohh’ and then sauced up with a naughty wink. I love that everythings red, gold and pink. Then gilltered with an over the top *sizzle* and with fireworks or goldfish. It humours me..yes…but it’s glamorous.  Being Burmese rocks. It’s ever so sexy.

Great nighth had. Got home early and to bed to fall asleep with a smile on my face. Loverboy and I are doing fine again now! Life is back to ‘fairytale.’ Being pregenant really does a number on you and you start to feel a little insecure. Bottom line, i loe this man and he lvoes me right back. I’m the luckiest little kitten alive. Thank god we’re back to ‘delicous.’ (Even though he had a barny with me this morning over not hanging out with him last night.)

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  1. I like the room full of those fibre optic trees.

    I may have just made the term fibre optic up. Maybe, maybe not. Sounds kind of right.


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