Snuggle my bunny babe

You know you’re a proper floozy, when your eyelash falls into your morning cup of tea. I was mid rambling on about how i much disliked seeing ‘Miss. Naked Beauty’s’ muff last night, and how much i disliked the show, then my eyelash decides to fall off my face and ‘plop’ into my cup of tea!! (Haha) Tragic!! Says it all really!! Hilarious! Great start to the morning. I’m falling to pieces, an eyelash a time. Next my boob will fall off, into the eager palms of a handsome stranger. I wish! God, i’m a lonely cow.

I dreamt i was aimlessly running around an Egyptian Palace last night. I love Palaces, and i adore luxury, (i hate having it any other way) but this one was a stinky stoney maze. It felt so ‘Indiana Jones,’…which i know has nothing to do with Egypt…but it did! Then i ended up in a chinese restuarant in Yorkshire, where i had to hide from a tiny chinese man, who was trying to kill me. What happened to my good old fashioned sex dreams?? Funny, I’m still staring at my floating eyelash, and a bundle of dried flowers. I despise dried flowers, as i think they’re POINTLESS. Why buy something that’s already dead? Just because you spray ‘Vanilla Must’ on them, it doesn’t magically bring them back to life now, does it!

Anyway, GREAT day today, as tonight i get my KITTENS! I’m so happy, so excited, as i get to be ‘Mummy’ to three tiny little kitty cats. Can’t wait!! I’m a serious snuggle bunny…(believe it or not), i’m very kissy, cuddly ‘spoon me please!’ Very tactile. Very loving. Infact, I can’t get through the day without squeezing someone. I just think the sense of ‘touch’ is so precious. (Oh here i go…haha!) So anyway, basically…i’ve been needing something to love and take care of, for a very long time . I am very EXCITED!! Saying that, by tomorrow, they would’ve probably pissed me off!! (haha!)

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  1. what u gonna call the lil bundles of joy chrissie? i didnt wich that miss naked whats it called yesterday iwas watching the footie hen kipped still recovering from the weekend lol. your dreams sound the bollox chrissie


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