F*** the Human Beat box

I’m currently sitting in Starbucks, with a friend who can’t stop annoying me, via the tremendous art of the ‘Human Beat Box.’ Tragic!! So ashamed of him right now, like we need to be stared at ANY more, Dude!!  Starbucks, is my ‘gathering thoughts,’ time, and not ‘forced to listen to a preppy boy trying, to spit beats in my ear,’ time! I’m like ‘GOD, stop human beat boxing! You’re getting it in my face, you twat!!’

Seriously, he’s like Lord Willy Woof, all English gentleman, trying to get his ‘Thug Style’ on! My patience is being slowly burnt to a merry cinder. I mean, if you’re good, then for sure happily ‘Beat box’ away right? But if you sound like you’re trying to spit a squirrels arse out ya mouth, then SHUT the HELL up. When my coffee kicks in…my hot pink heels, will be wedged up his ‘Whoopsee!’ Maybe that was the whole plan?

All smiles..

Chrissie Wunna x

5 thoughts on “F*** the Human Beat box”

  1. im pleased u got some tom chrissie and that is makeing u happy babe. smack him in the mouth or say put the brakes on with the beat boxing shun u are pony it pays to be honest? but starbucks is terrible u arein england know chrissie go down the boozer


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