‘Fr’ is for Friday….

To say that I wasn’t going to be eaten carbs, i’ve surely just enjoyed an entire tray of oven baked chilli new potatoes. Like I always say you can’t win’em all, however as long as you try to, you’ll always reach some sort of victory in life. a few tatties aren’t going to harm me. I hoovered (heelllo domestic goddess) afterwards, meaning i’m sure that cancels chilli potatoes out? If not….ah well. I’ll have a wine to celebrate. *hair-toss-wink*

Had my hubby home for his lunch this afternoon. I loved it and i know it may sound so ‘white picket fence,’ but it’s the little things in life, that we never thought we had, but always wanted, that get us both going. We’ve both worked our entire lives and dated whoever, hoping that they would give us our picture of ‘forever.’ Yet now we have it and by accident. I mean, the two most unlikely people to be able to manage domestic bliss have done it and because we wanted it so badly, underneath a layer of ‘ooh laa.’ The only thing that stresses us out is work, money and wanting to achieve big dreams. The love-family part we now have and i love that he’s not emotionally bitty. He’s very sturdy and strong in the heart department. There was a moment earlier in the year where i thought i might have lost him to broken, bittiness. But he found his inner ‘hero’ and marched forward correctly. There’s nothing less attractive to me than a lost soul, who plays behind a mask of ‘woohoo.’ I can spot people of that sort a mile off and really because i used to be one.

Cupid obviously adored (i mean pitied) me in the end and cut me some slack by sending little Keiran, who was subconsciously searching for the same.Yet saying that, he didn’t eat all his lunch and he always eats all his lunch. He blamed it on having to think so much and feeling glum with work that he didn’t feel was his ultimate destiny. (Like most of us he wants to be a star.) However, surely this must mean there’s another woman who grills chicken better than me, (which wouldn’t surprise anyone really lol) and he’s indulging in her cookery love, during my absence. When you can turn leftovers into infidelity you know you are greatness.

He cuddled me in the kitchen this afternoon and in his baby voice said, ‘I want us to have fun again. I feel like we never get to see each other as much now. I wake up, work, come home, sleep…wake up work, come home, sleep.’ But that’s how life is when you’re trying to make it. I’ve been away whilst he’s been getting home or he’s been gone when i’m here resting at home. Yet, i’m positive about it all because we have a love, a great love and that never ever blends away. He asked me today if i had ever thought that i didn’t want to be with him and i truely never have. I’ve searched my entire life for my dream man..dated all kinds of idiots and i’ve finally found him..Mr.Right and i’m highly appreciative of that. Add Ruby to that delicious equation and we’re the perfect family. We now have a dash of entertainment on our side and pending careers in that field (which is what we love to do) and in my mind we’re on our way to victory. He smiled at me like i’d got the answer right. Then i told him that i had a potentially missing period. Yet i’m not going to wave that banner just yet, as it’s only been a few ‘no bleedy’ days.

I’ve loved my day of rest and i’m seeing it through like a champion. I’m currently watching ‘Real Housewives,,,,’ and enjoying it with a wine. I want more chilli potatoes and an evening of good clean merriment with the bambino and the hubs. I’m looking forward to Xfactor USA tonight and there’s a weird happy *glow* about me today and dollies, i just love it. I feel internally blissful and i swear on my life, it’s the best uppers (joke)…the best feeling ANY little glamour puss could feel, as it radiates a beauty that no other glum diva could ever compete with.

Have a wonderful Friday! (The guy on Jeremy Kyle who keeps rambling on about his girlfriend ‘donkey kicking’ him is cracking me up. What an idiot! That was his reason for beating her whilst she was pregnant. I agree that a figity sleeper is annoying, especially when a ‘donkey kick’ is involved. Lol. But man up and laugh it off, you buffoon. Who RAISES these people!!!??!)

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