‘F’ is for Forest Holidays


Sorry, I haven’t managed to pull myself together enough to blog in the last 4 days, but i’m on the most glorious holiday ever, due to it being my delicious husband’s pre-birthday getaway. Yeah…we went through a a fun non-speaking to each other week…yet on Monday and after we had made up and agreed to ‘do love,’ we travelled on over to one of our FAVOURITE places in the world ever, a place that actually means SO much to us….our luxury forest log cabin, in The Sherwood Pines Forest, courtesy of www.forestholidays.co.uk .

We have literally been through every season now, and completed an entire year circle of coming to the forest! ELEVEN hours were spent in our private outdoor hot tub yesterday, in the name of forest love and birthday celebrations. I mean, any time you are having a dip in luxury hot tub bubbles, falling asleep out of sheer and utter comfort and waking up in the middle of the woods, with the blue skies, now a dark night, filled with stars…you know you’re life is bouji!

We’re still here and i’m really glad that I surprise treated him to 4 days of luxury in the forest. He deserves it and not just because he’s been stressed out recently, but because he’s always been so lovely to me, when it has come to birthdays! Nothing is more harmonious to us that being here and well from the moment we wake up, we feel so lucky to be surrounded by nature! I mean, i was never one for nature. I was always a 5* hotel kinda girl. Keiran has always loved the outdoors. So, this way we get to do both. Be treated to complete 5* luxury, in the middle of the woods!

I booked it all very last minute, so we needed to find people to come and fill our cabin with love. I booked the big ‘sleeps 8’ one ans simply because it was the last cabin available. Luckily…his big sister Sharn, her partner Phil and their little lovely Harry managed to come and enjoy the forest with us for 2 days and well we’ve literally had the most amazing time with them! I’ll go into the ‘good time’ of it all later, in the next blog, as this blog is simply to tell you that we’re both still on holiday, it’s our last day of celebration, we’ve so happy to have had his family here and we’re intending on spending our final evening and morning here filled with love!

In fact, we’ve loved it so much that we’re coming back here on April 22nd, booking 2 cabins…for a big family holiday and then rebooked AGAIN for Christmas, to celebrate the tinsel festivities and what seems like everybodies birthdays!!

We have had the absolute best service here with forest holidays! I mean, we literally must be the only couple that seems to visit every month. Lol. We were greeted so warmly with an early check-in AND ‘thank you for being so loyal to us’ free champagne. (I know!! How lovely!) PLUS Keiran got a birthday card waiting for him in the cabin!

Life is good. I have the most amazing hubby! I’m so glad he’s loved his holiday and well he intends to stay here forever!

The naughtier blog is coming up next! 😉 (It involves naked Keiran. 🙂 )

Keeping it clean and encouraging you ALL to come visit the forest. www.forestholidays.co.uk

The first time we ever came was literally for his birthday last year! Since then we’ve brought our Baby Ruby, got married, done my birthday, New year, his birthday (where i’ve been pregnant with our baby boy,) we’re not doing Easter…and then doing Christmas…where we will have all his family, Baby Ruby AND our baby boy on route!

It’s a very special place to us…so we hope you all come and enjoy it!

Lots of love,

Chrissie x


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