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I’ve always felt i’ve lived my life in a glass box, all naked and exposed, whilst others watch in and comment, hence why it’s pretty easy for me to write a blog. At least i get the chance to kinda say my piece. When people come into my life, they temporarily join me in my ‘ bubble of fun’ until they can no longer hack it (because it’s not something they’re used to… being glared at, adored, yelled at or awfully commented on)..but there’s really no way out for me, because firstly i not only love it, but i am hardly ever a quitter and if people want to watch and comment, then i’ll naturally give them a show. It’s always been a part of my life. Even before Hollywood. Plus, i prefer to watch you, from behind my glass. (God i really do sound like i’m on drugs! Hold me.)

I’m a girl that has been blessed with the touch of the ‘naughty,’ a sprinkle of the ‘ooh laa’ and a reputation so fierce, it could scare the most magically viscious of beings. I ooze over with ‘joie de vivre’ and people watch me jiggery pokery in my bubble, from afar. I’m loving every moment and my ‘bubble’ is the WORLD. You’re all on the edge of it, take a step in….I DARE you. Purrr…. (Hands up if you think that pint of wine was a mistake) And why is there another Arabian nights party going on, in a car outside my window again??? INVITE ME you tramps!!! You can’t just be playing orgy, snake charmer music by a Wunna, and expect us not to throw eggs at you.

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  1. thanks babe u have made my day and got me going footie all hyped i hope u are good miss wunna and that the guns are cushtie tell em isaid wos’appening


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