Exposed, Work and Willies…


Morning folks! How are ya! Enjoying Christmas? Well…I am…I have a birthday is about three days and I can’t WAIT to turn another year older. *Wine everywhere please.* I’m upset that i’m not getting surprised or treated because if i ever deserved it, it completely would be now. However, i’m happy because i bought myself those Jimmy Choo’s the Prada tote in pink, Louboutins and the Louis Vuitton satchel. (Whatever…a glamour puss, might as well spoil herself when she can’) It’s important for a girl to treat herself. Were made that way. We need treats…and simply so we don’t run ourselves down to the ground. We stay glitzy, sane and adored. Bottom line…happy.

I have been working SOOOOOOOOO INCREDIBLY HARD and i’m eager for my upcoming day off. I can’t wait, as every inch of my kitty body is aching. Lol.

I’ve got a giant response to my ‘Boners’ post and it seems you all love willy winter warmers. LMAO. If you’re gay, you’d love my inbox. I could charge you for a peep. I mean one poor sod, who actually really is trying to ‘woo’ me properly sent me a message saying that he didn’t actually mean to press send on his willy pic and that it was a very embarrassing accident. Ooookay? He was apparently trying to move the pic to another folder, yet mid ‘Chrissie Wunna’ convo, he hit the wrong button and it selected and sent itself. HAHAH. Sure? Suuuuurrrre.

I’m not so trusting these days. 🙂

Now, that is  a bummer and is the sort of thing that would happen to me. But why on earth would you have a willy picture like that ‘ready to go.’ Us girls have it hard! Well…literally! Willy warmers for everyone!

The funny thing is, that to make it better…and smooth his apparent ‘accident’ over…he said he didn’ t mean to sent THAT particular picture, which is one of him naked, with a stonker, on a bed…(Gosh, your mama would be so proud..HAHA) as if he intended on sending me a ‘willy picture’ he had a much better one to send me, that he obviously took, whilst thinking about me and looking at my pics. Lol. Yawn! (The picture looked pretty practiced to me. WHICH IS REALLY REALLY ODD.)

I mean, none of my guy friends would ever do that to a girl, in order to woo her..and well even my own ‘boys i’ve been in serious doo..dahs’ with never have…mainly because they didn’t need to, as they had the real deal. But OMG…they were clever enough to woo me the right way…which is romance.

I don’t reckon i’m that hard to read. I tell you what i love and hate. So, if romance is my thing…then you should probably try and go with a more loving approach, that preferably isn’t sprinkled over with that ever so ‘cherry on top’ bullshit.


Chrissie x

ps/ I watched the babies sleep last night and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was, or how beautiful they are. Rubes has grown sooo much and i can see every inch of her personality being my own. It’s scary. Yet Junior, well he looks just like me..(without m face on 🙂 ) yet the way he looks at me sometimes, or the way he sleeps, or lays is just like his Father. I mean, he smiles, giggles and laughs like me, because lets face it, that gene in me is dominant. Witchy cackle. Yet, i always remember that whenever i used to wake Keiran up and he was caught unaware or tired…he would do this ‘look’ at me…it was a beady ‘who the hell are you’ kind of look, like I had just woken a bear from hibernation. Junior does that look at me, when he’s trying to sleep. He’s this perfect balance of love…as lets face it, he could have got all our bad genes….yet he was luckily enough to be a combination of our good points.

Love being Mum. The babies are always my everything.


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