Episode 5

OOOoooooh fucking Noooooooo! I quite probably have no BBF friends left!! (HAHA) I have just got done having one of those merry ‘Why the balls did i say that’ moments, but over and over and over again!! OMG! Lol. Like how many more times can i just blurt things out. (Jesus!) But in my defense…it was true and FUCKING HILARIOUS! I’d say it all over again…but a great deal bitchier and wink after each statement. Oh Lord slap me.

I loved the talent show. Even though by far Samuels performance was the BEST! I watched him rehearse it sooo many times, and was rolling all over the floor with laughter. (Yet, i was having sex with him during that time in the house, especially in that blond wig and those horny little specs…therefore my judgement could be a little biased. We all tried that wig on and it certainly brought the ‘skank’ out in us. ) If only you could see what we were doing off camera. So much has been cut out. Anyway,  He was Little Ho Cheap, who had fucked his sheep. I looked like a washed up magicians assistant and Flic was simply gangsta!!! I think we did well, even though there was a moment when Sam, Flic and I were just glaring at each other, thinking ‘what have we become?’ We didn’t really take ourselves seriously. We did a decent job. Paris ROCKS!!!! I got shoes. INNIT!!

Now i watched the show i do actually feel sooo bad for Carrie, cos we did think she was a bit wet, (and not the good kind.) I do now think she’s just a ‘fluffy’ girl, after seeing the episode (bless her)…and i officially don’t hate her. We’re just very different girls, she’s sooo naive and it took me some time to understand her. Yet i do think after watching Emma go at her at the breaky table…that it’s not really Carrie’s who’s evil!! (HAHA) We were all pissing ourselves at Emma (note: her best friend in the house) just go to town on her like that!!! Jesus! It was a shocker. We were like ‘Calm down ‘Miss. Imbruglia.’ (‘I’m all out of Faith.’) HAHAHAHAHAH!! You had to be there. Honest to god you did! It’s all we heard for 6 hours straight!!

At this time in the house, Emma realised Carrie was not the most liked person and this could rub off on her big time. So she completely decides to switch ‘teams.’ (And i don’t mean go lesbian… well maybe…. fanny snackers rock…i just mean, not hang around Carrie anymore, so she can win.) I actually felt bad for our little Caz, but i love the ‘I had a bit of an accident in the bathroom’ line. (HAHAHAHA!)

Can’t think of anything else to write really. You should’ve watched it. I’m knackered! Night! x

2 thoughts on “Episode 5”

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  2. you came across the bollox chrissie and u well deserved to win the challenge i thik u and paris have got a bit of a bond and i got ot say she is coming across well and i ant a fan normally. how stupid was that maddie mugging la and baicly all that paris is when trying to impress her. ta carrie has to go why lie about hurting your ankle. best of luck chrissie u know you got my vote treacle. and your pal came across the best and all babe


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