Empty Orchestra me please

So it’s like 1am in the morning and i can’t get to sleep for the life of me. (Annoying) I always say that when one can’t sleep they have a ‘troubled mind.’ I don’t know if mines, ‘troubled’ exactly…i just think too many things are deciding to zoom around it, all at once. It’s a pity my mind doesn’t decide to this, during social hours, when my brain actually needs to function. It waits until it’s the dead of night, when no-ones around,  all you can hear is air, then decides to fuck with me, and start working properly. I’m only writng this blog in dying hope that it tires me out. I need a goblet of red wine….and maybe a bare chested hero to play with. I don’t know why, but i’m thinking of how i no longer fancy Russell Brand, now he’s settling down, and not being a nuisance. You can’t make a living out of being a ‘train wreck’ then all of a sudden un-wreck your train??? Well i guess you can! He isn’t doing half bad!! Who cares, i’m too tired to go on about this. Fuck it! (Yes please sir)

I’m also  actually thinking of how funny the term,’Empty Orchestra’ is!!! I’ve been told that, that’s what ‘Kareoke’ actually translates as in Japaneezy. I’m a huge kareoke fan, and have destroyed the hearing powers of most drunks, at most kareoke bars in LA, with the soothing sounds of my delicious screachy voice! (They even turned the microphone off, during one of my songs one time…hahahaha….CHAMPION!!) Empty Orchestra!! I love it ‘cos it just sounds rude. Y’know like, ‘Hey babe, can you ”empty orchestra” all over my face, please?’ Or, ‘he Empty Orchestra’d it, in my knickers!’ Get ya ‘Empty Orchestra’ out love!! Shame they would waste such a good term on drunks who sing badly to crap songs. My evil plan worked. I’m a bit knackered, after tricking my brain into entertaining you…

I need some shut eye!

1 thought on “Empty Orchestra me please”

  1. i get that sometimes i have it for about 5 days at a time your brain never works when u want it to but starts when u atr kipping it does me swede in i normally punch the wall go mad but still cant kip. u make me crack up empty orchester is a quality word for mutting i think i might use it for that . i dont realy do kareoke as i cant sing and only realy knpw football songs or garage tunes and i know a few drum and base ones. u sound u are quality to get on the piss wityh chrissie take care babe tada scratch


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