Emergency Warning Blog

Okay, I’ve just heard something terrible and therefore need to write an Emergency Warning Blog to all my little girl Wunna fans….because i adore you deeply and under no circumstances think that what i have just heard is at all even remotely okay. (Don’t worry you’re not about ot get bollocked…infact quite the opposite! I’m saving you from one!)

Please do make sure that you DO NOT AT ALL, add any of the random men that may try and request to be your friend on Facebook. It may say that they are mutual friends with me, but note that they are NOT at all people i know! They are awful, nasty perverts and people that on a daily i have to block due to their disgusting use of words, towards beautiful, precious women! TO ALL WUNNERETTE

3 thoughts on “Emergency Warning Blog”

  1. HHAahaha…i know there were far too many inappropriate jokes that i had to refrain from making during this blog…..hahaha… I tried to do it in my stern *mummy* voice. lol

    But yeah…me no likey the pervs anymore…for makin gmy kiddie fans try to be lesbo with each other. Jeepers

  2. I ussually see your pictures and get bored with ur writtings, havn’t unsubscribe because I like ur look. but this blog is the best I’ve read… hope u keep up using ur influence and comunication POWER to help other and guide them with ur experience… Congrat for this blog. And my respects.


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