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Hi, My Dolls!

Busy day. Finding that texting, typing and well anything beginning with ‘T’ is really HARD in long fuchsia nail extensions. Yet, whatever. I’m back to being kitten and well my return to ‘kitty-fest’ has been warmly welcomed! I thank you, chica’s! 🙂 I’ve become a gay man’s idol again! Lol.

So, today i’ve been sorting out research. I adore research when it comes to the things I love. (I HAVE been known to Google the words ‘leopard print’ when bored once. So, i feel sorry for all those in business with me. 🙂 )

But yeah, my inner geek and I am actually a geek… (I was quite swotty in school) kicks in when it comes to researching the things that I adore and I go all gooey and doughy eyed for a good old search engine session. All productive. ALL to do with work. (Apart from the section where I decided that looking at hair extensions and hand bags was not only a good idea, but also vital. 🙂 YIPPPEEE!)

Along with my business plan, i’ve been seeking out salons and hotels etc who wish to stock my lash line. I’ve been running through it all with beauty PR and i’ve accidentally been scoring? I have no idea how i’m doing well, but I think passion is giving me the good old pinky PUSH (….up bra. 🙂 )

Anyhow, all of that’s going. It’s Friday, so I always think no real, start up business peaks ever happen on a Friday. People tend to be on chill mode and waiting for the weekend. Therefore since i’m done with all the weeks auditions and I felt that there was not much point in opening the fresh eyes of others to my lash line, on a Friday afternoon…i’ve decided to still be productive, but do it at home. The down time is the time where doing  research comes in handy! People tend to toss the down time off. I don’t. I work through it. Plus, I have to fit all my work into the time  allocated to me…before the babies get home from nursery. (It was morning mayhem this morning.) I’ve just got home from errand running. A lady who made me a corned beef salad sandwich noticed me off the telly and then another women who worked at a jewellery store decided to be a cow to me. I don’t like girls or women who BEFORE I’VE EVEN OPENED MY MOUTH are already judging me, or coming u with their OWN misguided conclusions of my being. 🙂 I can even see them doing it. I can see their insecurity muddle away inside them before they blame ME for all life’s problems. Lol. I’m quite friendly and i’m ALL FOR CHICKS. Yet, not the daft ones. Love me and I love you back. Respect me and I’ll respect you whole heartedly. No sale for you doll! 🙂

But enough of that. I’m back to kitten sweet again and I feel alive. Work is going so well. And well I have a little secret work that I haven’t told anyone about yet and because i just want to see how it goes before I deliver the news. But you should be happy. Aside from that and the beauty line,i’m back on your telly this year! Hopefully more than once. But so far…just one show! Woohoo!

(Love my new nails.)

Away from all the work.I got really excited about wedding todays. I’ve been wedding texting and it’s been glorious. I mean, I ADORE days decided to two humans that have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together through love. It means so much to me and well how can I not get excited about it all. It’s one of the most wonderful things you’ll do in life and it’s always nice to see others celebrate their love. It’s sort of a ‘high five-lets do this life thing together’ moment, but in tiaras, frocks, with diamonds and bunches of confetti. It’s great and when you fill your heart with love, good things happen. I’m very happy and very excited for all of my friends..and family.. who are tying the knot this year! #eeek Congratulations! I love it, because it’s soooo special. It’s romance at it’s best. I mean, when you marry a someone, you don’t just choose anyone to marry. You choose the girl or guy that you truly want to enjoy life with. The girl or guy you want in your life forever and you vow to love them for the time that you have on this disco earth ball. That doesn’t happen as often as you think. It doesn’t come around as often as you think it will. Wedding days are to be treasured and well my text convo this morning PERKED ME UP A TREAT! It just brought a smile to my face and filled my kitten heart with excitement. I love excitement. She seemed so happy to becoming a MRS and her happiness, even via text was contagious. 🙂

Okay, so now what? I’ve still got work to do, so I kinda have to go. But i’m ready for a weekend of chillax, with the children. I always imagine what they’re going to be like when they’re older? It’s weird, I can see it and feel it. It’s adorable. I feel truly lucky to have them. I’m really grateful for them because so many women in the world, don’t ever get the chance to conceive or fall in love hard enough to reproduce :)…or even carry a baby full term. I’ve done it TWICE and it’s a really special thing. I don’t take it for granted!

Ugh! I’m getting mushy!  Back to fashion to snap myself out of it. I bought a My Little Pony t-shirt today. I still want to do that Hollywood, cutie bunny-esque thing. That wide eyed, frilly skirted, LA girl wiggle wear, I’m 33 now. I can’ t get away with that.



Haters say what? 🙂

I’m glamming up and i’m feeling great. I’m getting back to being me, after a long couple years of pregnancy and babies, LOL.

Opportunities are a knocking and kittens i’m ready to grab it with BOTH HANDS!

I love that a store lady said, ‘I love you. Y’know that over the top, go all out, glamourous at 7am, kinda girl,’ to me today. I’m like a dodgy Miss.World. It’s ACE!!!  They wave. I blow kisses, They nod gracefully. I wiggle. They like bubble baths. I wink. They’re talent is something ‘save the world.’ My talent..is just being ME.

Keeping real, but keeping it kitten.

Oh and really glad that you’re eyelash brand tag line.

‘Chrissie Wunna’

‘The Art of Purrfection.’

It’s all about empowering women and helping YOU, yes YOU, refind and EMBRACE YOUR INNER KITTEN . Finding your Chrissie Wunna ‘ooh laa.’ Getting your ‘flutter’ on with lashes that will make YOU feel glammy.It’ll give your peepers that extra bit of ‘yumminess.’  A confidence that actually not all women have. We’re the most insecure creatures at times. Yet now, we can all be ‘sizzle.’ I have styles that represent ALL struts of chicas. The boys won’t be able to resist ya! 🙂 SO BE EXCITED!

This weekend, I want you to celebrate who YOU ARE and the great thing about being you,is that ONLY YOU, CAN DO IT BEST. Remember that! *Wiggle-Giggle-Peace out dolls!*




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