Easy like Sunday Mornings…


Sunday, I woke up surrounded by babies. Not random babies, as that would be terrifying. But my own babies, so all was well and good. Both chirpy. Both happy. Both then whacking each other in the face, until Little mix, saved the day.

I love Sundays, because i’m not at work and just get to chill myself up like a champion, instead of having to hit rush mode. I wish all mornings could be a ‘non work’  Sunday morning…when i’ve made my millions…they will be. Hurrah! Chill days for everyone. *Dollar..dollar.*

Ruby went off to Pete’s. I had to drag Junior through the Pontefract Liquorice festival, which was bit busy, a bit full of scruffs and well, after i got my contact lenses, we left simply because the maddness was beyond me. The nun, on the wheely piano, killed my soul, so we legged in, it knee high, red leather boots.

The good thing was that I bumped into Hannah, Wazza, Howel and Rich mid road crossing…which made it all much better. Apparently they had just been telling a story about me, so i cracked on past at just the right time. It was boiling hot. Everyone was chipper. We all had babies. We cross roads, after a brief catch up..and got on with life.

I then took Junior to lunch at The Carleton (again)..which was my favourite place, but i’m not sure if it is so much now. HAHA. (Don’t ask.) But yeah, Junior was knackered, really hot and bothered and grumpy. Nick had met Junior and I there for a pint, as Ben was at work…and well Junior pretty much put Nick off ever having children, simply because he spent the entire time scowling at him and not eating beans. Nick left to film some music video for a rap that I want to hear, but can’t hear because whenever he sends it to me, i can never open it on my phone?

It was all really brief and well i think we talked love, girls, ben and asians…and then went home. Nick looked quite young Russell Brandy that day. Like he had made an effort to be styly. Good banter. Great laugh. All went home.

The rest of the evening, i just spent cuddling the babies, eating a giant Sicilian pizza, trying to freeze pina coladas that take fucking forever to freeze and texting Ben, who had now come off work.

I worked the next day…and met up with met up with Ben for a quick bottle of wine on Monday night. He was having a post shower, hot flush on entrance. I was making zero eye contact with males…and it had just started to rain.

We chatted business, goals and life…and it as great, because we both kinda get juiced on success. It’s weird because…and like i actually said, from the outside people always think that we don’t at all get on well…which isn’t actually true because in the last couple of days, random strangers have said how AMAZINGLY WELL we get on, from them watching, listening and chatting to us. I mean, they even whopped out a ‘how happy we both were’ which is what life is about. But we are different in lots of ways, yet that doesn’t mean, that our friendship, bond, rapport, or anything wouldn’t be ‘tough as nails strong’…because..and i did say this out loud at the table…the things that we do have in common like, what we believe, how we believe, the way we see the world, what we want and our morals, lie EXACTLY the same way. So really the things that matter are the things that we have in common. The frivolous stuff that doesn’t count..well doesn’t matter. We’re both individuals and enjoy different things. But where it matters…we are strong. If not stronger than most. (Then we got a late night McDonalds and he fucked with my car radio, like he always does, so all my station get mixed up. He can’t seem to sit in my car and not faff with things. He does with excitement, so you can’t help but enjoy the moment. I mean we were cracking up and literally nothing. But every morning afterward, i have to drive to work with shit music playing because i can’t figure out what he’s done to the fricking radio. I’m a girly girl. Knowing how to work car radios are beyond me. My skills lie in a much different department. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve worked lots. I’m wanting to just concentrate on my lash line hardcore now. I’m eager. I’m excited. I’m ready to start the brand. I have the new range developing for the end of this year and i really do need to focus. I mean the website for it, has turned all chaotic, so i even need to sort that. Today everyone had to inbox me for purchases, which i didn’t mind, as it kinda felt a lot more personal. (So if you want lashes, inbox me.)

I’m working all week now, until five o clock on Friday. It’s not so bad though because i enjoy making money and love starting my normal week normally and not on Sunday. Five days i can cope with, but six seems to tip me over the edge.

I’m loving life. I’m living it. I’m enjoying everything right now and i’m really really happy. To be honest, there’s a glint in my eye and i can feel excitement in my bones and when i feel that i get giddy.

I haven’t been really concentrating much on my lash line because i’ve been working so much and doing, fun, life and babies. But now, i’m getting back to it, because not only am i lucky to have it, but it’s doing well…and once i get the website up and running properly…you all can enjoy lashes more frequently.

The future in exciting. I intend to one day make zillions. x



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