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As you’ve probably gathered, this morning I decided that I was going to quit being lazy and drinking myself into hangovers and instead take the reins to Wunna land once more and (because I’ve been slacking due to work) and have a peek at what’s going on with my ‘insta.’

I’d left mine to rest for a wee bit, due to busy times and often when you’re busy it’s hard to keep up a blog, a Twitter account, a Facebook promo page, a snapchat and an Instagram stream. But today and out of nowhere, I decided to go ‘insta.. cray..cray’ and before you know it, I was catching everyone up on my life via pictures and doing it like a mad women. Mission Accomplished. Give me my wine!

Ruby’s out on ‘Daddy Day.’ Junior’s asleep. I’ve painted the fireplace ‘slate’ and i’ve cleaned, cooked and got things back to business. You see, i’m super determined and quite the ambitious darling of doll, yet i easily get distracted by life and fun, meaning that I lose focus on what i’m meant to be doing here. (Yet, I get that’s the ‘awesome’ of it all.) I’ve decided that I’ll never learn because i haven’t learnt by now, which just means, it’s part of my soul. πŸ™‚ (Any excuse.) I was born for ‘good times.’ You can’t break away from something that is simply part of you. Shake it, flick it, wiggle it at a friend and it will always boomerang back at you. Embrace what you’re actually good at and do it with panache.

The rest of the day was spent finding ace tshirts to purchase, as I bought the children hundreds and shoes, dressed and shirts yesterday. This was after I bought myself more trainers and cute doll shoes. It seems that I now want ‘tees.’ So, I made really great use of my life and purchased the ‘I POOP GLITTER’ t shirt, by David & Goliath (it has a unicorn on it and a rainbow.) I also wanted the Wildfox ‘Dirty Blond’ tshirt, but it was $87 so i thought fuck it. Like my friend Jenna had said the other day, she’ll wear anything but she just LOVES GREAT SHOES. I’m the same. I’ll rock Primani and all sorts…but i love a great pair of kicks or flashy heels…/handbag. But still…i ‘heart’ my ‘Poop Glitter’ tshirt. I’m such a great mum. πŸ™‚ (Saying that, Ruby asked me what ‘fugly’ meant today. I have no clue where shes heard it, but I couldn’t just stand there and say ‘Fucking Ugly.’ So I made stuff UP, with a gentle, love voice and a smile and…she didn’t fall for it. She just looked at me like I was a lemon and said, ‘Does it just mean someone’s ugly?’ YES!!! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT! She only wanted to know because she saw a tshirt that she wanted that read ‘You’re so Fugly.’ HAHAHA. Of course i denied her wishes and instead she stated that she wanted the one that says ‘You’re so Pugly,’ which has a dog..well a pug on it? I still denied her wishes as it still means the same… but with dogs…and it’s too old for her…tooo fashionista for her. I’ll look great walking her into nursery with a ‘fugly, pugly’ top on. HAHAH. Maybe we’ll try it.)

Anyway, then I sat down and went back to knitting the beige cardigan that I had started on Friday night…NAAAAAAAAT! πŸ™‚ PAHAHA! (Not that knitting is boring, as it only is to me because I don’t know how to do it. I don’t have the patience or time for it. But i love it when folk knit me things.)

So yeah i’ve done lots and lots of social media today and YES…on Tuesday I finally have my massage that i have been waiting over a week for! Yippppppppeeeeeeeeeee! Of course Keiran then decided that he couldn’t have Junior on Tuesday anymore due to work, but because I have an excellent Mum, who knows that i’ve booked, been needing and eagerly waiting this rub down for what seems like years…everything is alrighty!

I have a very busy work week about to blast up on me. I’m not rested enough for it yet, as Junior was up all night puking. But i’ll get there…who cares, it’s nearly payday and it’s nearly HOLIDAY IN THE FOREST time. I told Keiran we were away on Junior’s birthday and he ‘awwed’ like it wasn’t fair. (But only because he loves going to the forest and loves..well his son.) Yet at the end of the day, he chose this life and he chose to leave… and so therefore has to deal with what happens after all that…which means he steps out of the Wunna Land bubble, that we are all (and very happily) part of and we carry on being a family without him. I’m in a really good place right now and everything just ended up going really well…so no matter what..he’s funny because he’ll secretly be kicking himself in the knackers constantly over it. πŸ™‚ In your face. LOL *Whops out the **I am awesome tshirt.**


(He’s actually dating right now but daren’t tell me for some reason, even though I already know? In fact, he even lied about it to me. Why still do that? Lol. I mean, it doesn’t matter now? If you think of all the people i’ve ‘hearted’ since or smooched, loved, or chatted to…you’d think he’d be more comfortable. I mean, what is he going to do when I actually settle down again and there’s eventually (not yet boys) a decent male role model living in the house, with the babies. He’ll explode..whereas I’m chilled. I’m always chilled about it. I just don’t get his ‘secrets?’ And why would i?)

Anyway, enough of that.

I need to go on a diet. My jeans are too tight that I had to put pj’s on. I’m excited about the future. The lash line is going soo well and i’m wanting to get back on the telly. (For a bit.)


I’ve been called ‘Big headed’ so many times, in so many different ways this last week that i’m going to see if i can beat my own score this week.

I saw Pete today and Pete’s really hot now. Why are all my exes getting hot now? Even accidentally saw one of ‘Boyband Jonny’s’ pics on Instagram…and well he was only 19 when we were dating, but years and years on…he’s now sooooooooo hot. But probably gay. Stop it. All of you stop it.

I need a rub down. I need a rub down now. I want a fruity cockatil to sip at home which has a cocktail umbrella in it and a flamigo fanned out paper straw!:(

Love you. Leave you.

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