Easy Like Sunday Morning…


I’ve totally just made ‘Wagamama’s’ styley soup noodles for tea and it was actually edible and everything! I’m officially a Goddess of Domesticity. I’m too hot to even touch! #bestwifeever

No, really. It was alright. If you’ve tried my cooking, you’ll know that it’s usually a fail. In fact, no-ones tried my cooking but poor Keiran, who has to eat it everyday. (Luckily, he just enjoys food in general, so I wait until he’s completely STARVING…then I feed him…meaning my cooking will always taste good.) I’ve ballsed loads of meals up, but not in a good way. I mean, you can utterly destroy a meal, to the point where it’s hilariously mind blowing, and score major points for humour, because it tastes so bad. That’s almost better than what I do. Obviously, if you cook fantastically, you rack up a mountain load of ‘wife points.’ Yet, i’m inbetween, wedged in that awkward phase of ‘erm…’ Like you’re not sure if it tastes good, or tastes bad? πŸ™‚ Yet you don’t want to say it’s shit, incase you hurt my feelings, as parts of it is yummy. However you truly don’t believe it’s a marvel, because there’s a niggly little taste to it that seems really off. πŸ™‚ It’s a that weird moment in the elevator, when everyone stops talking. The moment before a wank, where you double check to make sure no-one’s going to walk in. It’s that time in your life, when you’ve said the wrong thing, at the wrong time, or sent a very private text to your Twitter status, instead of your lover. That’s what my cooking tastes like.

HOWEVER today…and because I was left alone, (Ruby went to ‘Daddy Pete’s and Keiran had to venture off to work,) i ended up with my Mum, who decided to take me to lunch. (We actually lunch a lot.) Before lunch, I had to run an errand with her, which was a stop off at an Oriental foods market, to buy ingredients for whatever she was making. (This is very normal when you are Asian.) Now, i’m not sure what came over me, but I got all excited by Chinese dragons and golden fortune cats, with the moving ‘give me money’ paw and decided to treat my husband to his favourite ‘Wagamama’s’ dish.

I fricking bought that place out of goods…on my mums debit card. πŸ™‚ Then with tapioca balls in my mouth, went to lunch with ‘The Wunna’s’ (great day) and rushed home to cook my ‘handsome’ his tea.

It actually went really well and Keiran managed to nuzzle down noodles, embrace his inner Asian and soup bowl, with dumplings like a champion. (Whilst trying to sell my Mum things.) I enjoy that he has a random Asian family and has to spend days eating noodles with us. My mum (who adores him) even bought him a ‘Fortune cat,’ it’s pawing away on our mantle piece right now. ‘GIVE ME MONEY. GIVE ME MONEY.’

I worked hard this morning, scheduled a meeting for 3pm tomorrow, shopped, lunched and cooked this afternoon, then bought a logo for my new sideline social media business, which is very ‘Miss.Wunna.’ (You’ll be proud.)

Now, it’s cuddle time. Ruby’s in bed. I have a busy week. There’s filming and a press launch on Wednesday and our home is filled with business, business, business. It’s crazy! We’re all eager and ready to take on the world. (Keiran is currently performing a weird gyratey dance, under the chandelier, in the living room, where he’s feeling his body up, doing an ‘ooh face’ and pretending he’s smeared in imaginary money. He’s pushing it out the way, because he has so much of it, in his little piece of performance art? Hmm…maybe noodles wasn’t such a good idea. Fuck it, at least we’re a happy house hold.

I hope you’re all well and I hope you’ve all had a delicious Sunday and all that jiggle. You’re all skinny and cocktailing and i’m very jealous. So i’m making money during your drinking time, just to make myself feel better.

Next week is busy, exciting and well i must remember to book a spray tan!

Love you all,


Thank you for following my life…

Chrissie x

Here’s my promo image for the Social Media business..CWT.



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