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Morning all and a very HAPPY Easter to you. I’m at home in my comfies, dolling up and getting ready to attend The Wunna family’s day of Easter merriment. It’s a really important time for us, because not only is it a time about choccie eggs and family love. But it’s Baby Ruby’s first ‘proper’ Easter. The one where she actually half knows what’s going on. My mum has already placed her in pink bunny ears and well like i Tweeted yesterday nothing is cuter than seeing a being that once resided in your belly, in bunny ears, giggling and then slapping you in the face. I’m a very lucky girl and i cannot at all imagine my life without the title of ‘Mum’ glitzing over me. I love it! Creating life is one of the truest gifts of glory that you have on offer during your existance. Ruby is AMAZING and well i thank my lucky stars everday for her. My little girl saved my life and turned me from a tragic party girl to an actual warm hearted woman.

Keiran’s not attending any of ‘The Wunna’ family festivities because he’s going to a friend’s wedding. I’ve opted not to go, simply because I can’t stand one of the girls that is going, due to her rather lovely flippant mouth, that seemingly gossips about me when i’m not there. I’m not silly enough to place myself around people like that. Therefore i’m happy that i’ve removed myself from the drama. Plus, i get to ‘guest list’ my own wedding. 😉

Anyhow, after i adjusted Keiran’s pink collar and sent him on his way, after a lovely evening of ‘i love you’s..you are my forever’s.’ (Even though i did feel bizarrely ill? I had to lay on the sofa topless to feel air on my skin.) We managed to get ourselves into yet another mild bicker as ‘the boy’ attempted to tell me that he maybe intended on going out on the piss after the wedding. (I enjoy how he tried to slip that in.) We agreed to a wedding, NOT an all nighter and his track record of random impromptu ‘all nighting’ hasn’t put a smile on my face, in the past. Therefore i did what i always do and VOICED my opinion and ladies it is sooo important that you are not scared to voice your opinion. That way you know you’ve told them, so when they choose to do whatever they want, knowing how you feel, you can measure how much respect they actually have for you, regardless to what they say. Actions speak louder than words.

Even though he was all ‘don’t tell me what to do…’ In my opinion, when you’re  single, you are 100% free to do whatever you so want, whenever you so want. However when you choose to commit to being a family man and having a future wife and a baby (and hopeful more babies on the way soon) you have to think for 3 people and not just for ONE…and that’s what being a family means and is all that matters at the end of the day. He was lovely as he left…yet with Keiran who never know what he’s going to do? But I enjoy how he tried to argue his case with ‘What if the groom wants to go out for a few drinks after the wedding, around town!!!’ Erm…? I replied with a ‘…surely the GROOM would want to spend the evening with his new WIFE, after the wedding.’

At times we are so similar, but there are certainly moments where we think very differently. I’ve learnt to think for THREE and well that makes me happy because it means i’m finally a grown up. Yipppeeee! Women are different to men in that respect. As men attempt to cling on to their Peter Pan days. (Who really is camp boy in green tights.) Women embrace ‘growing up.’ NOT neccessarily ‘growing old,’ but certainly ‘growing up.’ But alls well, we’re in love, we’re happy. We have so much going on. But we’ll see what he chooses to do.

Anyway, i hope you’re all feeling lovely and ready to take on Easter with a wink and a bonnet. I have a loong day and need to get ready for it, therefore i’ll love you, leave you and wish you the best my little bunnies of ‘joy-joy.’



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