Early Crimbo Gifts and Jeggings

Good morning, you juicy little drips of glitteratti. I’m in a good mood today, so we’re gonna get this show on the road, whilst we’re still chipper and before i turn over to the dark side.
I’ve had a wonderful weekend. So wonderful for this time of year that it couldn’t have been written any better by nipple tassled ‘hope’ fairies. (Don’t ask! I have no idea.)
SO..to begin with, i wanted to say that i ended up not being so stressed, after a big tantrum and a big random cry and decided to *snap* out of my bratty mode of ‘Veruca Salt’ and instead enjoy everything and everyone around me as well as all that was going on. Ruby has been amazing. I have the most wonderful husband that any little floozy could’ve ever wished for and well i did say that the days follow in the fashion that you so wish them to. I wished for mine to go better…and it did.
Saturday afternoon, at around 1pm. I’m laid in bed, throwing a tantrum. Ruby’s playing and Keiran’s trying to perk me up because my Mother was about to show up and well he did’t want to get ‘told off’ for me being upset. I don’t know why he thought he would? But he did. My mum kows me better than anyone, plus on days that she has titled, ‘The day when you’re early Christmas present,’ nothing can put her in a bad mood. She’s really good at staying on the sunny side of the street…and cutting out the drama. (I got cut out briefly, until i decided to be happy again. 🙂 )
My mum arrives bang on time, which is rare. Keiran greets her, as she drops my Dad off in the living room to look after Ruby and she begins her presentation. I’m upstairs. Keiran’s shouting me down and trying to explain to my mum that i’m upset. My mum says ‘Oh just leave her, i have the surprise a coming…’ (which i like, she knew i was going to be fine really and that preggo hormones don’t last forever.) She tells Keiran to put on his shoes and they both rush out the back door, into the parking area outside to go get the prezzie. (I’m now peeking out the window like a 5 year old.)
My little brother ‘Jezzy’ appears from nowhere (well behind Keirans work van) and stands by them for the big reveal and as they’re all stood in the cold chatting. Then all of a sudden, a car drives around the corner with a dark haired man at the wheel. Keiran apparently looks at my mum excitedly and asks what it’s going to be. (My mum had told us that it was heavy, rectangular and he’d need to carry it, so he was thinking of the many things he could be having to lift out of the back of this car?)
My mum does her ‘Da-daaa,’ voice, with showgirl arm movements..and i do mean like a magicians assistant and not like a Texas stripper, as that would be mildy awkward at 1.06pm, with my husband and her baby son. The gentleman parks up and slowly gets out of the car. Keiran’s still excitedly wondering what he’s going to be receiving…and then the dark haired gentleman, hands him the keys and says ‘This is for you. It’s yours.’ OMG!!! (Heeeelllooo much? What is our life??? Our we living a dream? Next i’m hoping to walk into a stranger who hands me a winning lottery ticket and a champers for kicks.)
So, for an early Christmas present…my mum has BOUGHT US, a car…a Mercedes. A big silver Mercedes, for our family, as we have a baby on the way, with a gorgeous one year old and need a reliable car with more space to knock around in for a while, as we tend to Christmas! Holy Xmas Bonanza! They all jumped around happily, as i did from my little window spot and what did my gorgeous little hubby do. He looked at my mum, the car, SWORE a great deal and then danced around his work van, until it has sunk in. It’s only just sunk in for me. We were really happy, yet it was bizarre, as we were sort of thrown for a loop. But we’ve driven around in it now and it couldn’t be better. We love it and couldn’t be more grateful. My mum is ACE…as is fricking Christmas. We’re really lucky. Even Rubes loves it. She was crawling all around it, like it was like a Mercedes play pen. (Keiran was a bit worried because he thought it made him look like an old man. But it makes him look like a posh old man, which i adore. He’s all decanters, business man and Mercedes now, which i find far much more appealing, to disco hands, club party boy, with a body and an attitude.)
And there you have it….how lovely is my mum! I mean, my parents paid for our entire wedding, which we had to throw in a quick 2 months and we thought that was overly nice of them. Now this. It’s crazy. Our life together is slowly slotting together. We’re a family and we’re actually going to do well. Wow! She even treated us to dinner that night also, just for the sake of it. It’s amazing, how much family support we have.
Keiran and I have been lovey, dovey ‘fairytale’ ever since. We’ve swooned and kissed and cuddled and adored upon. Our sex life has got back on track. He was sat on the soaf yesterday and i forward straddle snuggled him…with gyrating. 😉 He loves a bit of gyrating…and unsurprising so do i. He got all heated and excited and with a yelp of victory, he shouted, ‘i finally have my wife back!’ He’s had all sorts of bedroom treats. Lots of willy tugging and bedroom performance from his wifey. We really get into all that and well at one point i think i was on all fours, naked in the dark, circulating my bum bum at him seductively, as he watched and acted appropriately. 🙂 You know what…i AM back and it feels finger licking good. We’re back to turning each other on…all the time and it’s delicious. Our trip away to the log cabin will no doubt be delicious, as i think i’m going to take a few skimpy treats for the hubs to delight in, during our time there. We LOVED it last time and indulged in hot tub love making AND kitchen counter sex toy bonanza’s…by a kettle.
When it comes ot Christmas and sex, it’s all about the art of lingerie. There’s not a better time to get dressed up for your beau and have fun. Let him enjoy you, as you enjoy yourself. Keep it cheeky, slutty and all about fun role playing. I mean we are taking Baby Ruby with us, so all fun will be left to the evening when she’s tucked up in bed AND i am pregnant, with a bump, yet i’ not bothered. I still think i can rock sexy. Curves, swerves and bumps are sexy when embraced with crotchless anything and ‘ooh’ faces. I’m good at putting on ‘the show’ of it all…and don’t really feel uncomfortable in a skimpy bit of ‘ooh laa.’ The good thing is that the ‘bump’ is also his, as obviously otherwise it would be a bit odd. ‘Hi, i’m pregnant naughty nurse?” (I don’t think so.) Keiran’s loving a bit of ‘preggo-wife’ right now, because when you’re in love an you have a gents bambino they get all turned on by your body and can’t keep they’re mucky little hands off.
Anyway, i’m going a bit too far for the morning time and i’m in a library. He’s at golf right now and states that he’ll win, because he’s happy with his home life. Hopefully we’ll grab lunchy together later. I’m apparently meant to be going into his wallet and treating myself to a massage on him, but i ignored it. It just felt not okay to do so. A lunch is fine. (Wow, i’m certianly low maintenance today, no wonder his hearts all a flutter. Not spending his money AND putting out. Wowsers!)
Okay, i’m off..i’m in Jeggings and they need ot be shown off a little, with sass to make me feel better about them. I’m schooling them in the art of *strut.*

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