Driving Miss.Lazy?


Okay, so i’ve just returned, with a fling open of the patio door and a quick waddle-totter from my driving lesson. I can actually already drive. I passed my test when i was a teen, then shot over to Los Angeles where i drove around to every audition i could, firstly in my ex-hubby’s car and then finally, when i had a great deal more dollar and sense of direction…in my own. I got back to England…got pregnant…dated a ‘Driving Instructor’…and well, add a bit of past terrifying history in LA, that was decorated with busy roads and a busy car…i became absolutely terrified of wiggling behind a wheel…well that’s sort of  a lie, i can wiggle behind anything successfully. So, i’ll say ‘getting’ behind a wheel and hitting those roads with confidence. Yeah….i’m shit at it.

Since being pregnant with Rubes and even before then, i was being driven everywhere. Then when i was dating a driving instructor, you kinda never need to drive, because they enjoy the art of ‘brum-brumming’you everywhere, due to their own basic passion for the craft, taking that menial task away from you. It’s actually quite good because if you a date a boy with a profession that entails something that you actually prefer not to do…like a chef, if you hate to cook. You never ever have to do. Which is on one hand pretty remarkable, yet on the other quite shitty because you find yourself not being able to do something that is quite essential to human existance. I can cook now and no longer have lenghty converstaions with bits of frozen meat. 🙂 Driving is my next thing and i can’t pretty much…thabks to Mark Gregory…do that! My new year is going doing smashingly. #heromuch

I have no idea what my instructor must think of me, yet you’ve got to feel sorry for anyone who is literally trapped in a car with me, for an entire hour and having to teach me to do something, on public roads, around danger. It’s like caging up jumping beans and telling them to stay still. I’m easily distracted, which is  glistened over with ‘bimbo’ magic when i go on our little drives and because i’m scared. I only do ‘bimbo’ when scared. (However, that doesn’t mean if you try to rob me, i’ll turn blond on you instead of ninja. I won’t be scared, i’ll just be hormonal on your little thief of an arse.)

Anyway, back to the driving…It’s a grand old laugh a minute on my little driving lesson, with a streak of learning discipline…and well we accidentally get to learn a lot about each others lives, as we ponder about the streets of Pontefract…in all the wrong lanes and at all the wrong speeds. I was great at my last lesson.

However, today was motorway day. As you can imagine…it confused me and we got into all kinds of merry pickles, which he assures me was ‘fine.’ Today was meant to be my last lesson…howver something tells me that in order for me to be actually confidently capable of zooming around on a motorway, i’m gonna need another. I always make myself mad, because when you can’t do something, or  don’t do something to your fullest ability, it’s always your own fault and usually always down to confidence. Now, i’m a confident girl, so i HATE letting myself down and ballsing things up due to insecurity, be it driving, relationships, career choices. Anything. Therefore, i owe it to myself to have one more lesson, which i assure you, is not the same as ‘one more drink’…(you don’t end up pissed, topless, in sequins, dancing by gutters.) And instead of throwing myself a pity party, i’m just gonna get with the program, dust myself off, get behind that wheel and ace it like a champion. I can actually do this, and i’m not the kind of kitten to go out like that. Plus, although i’m good company, i’m sure my instructor Mark Gregory (incase you wish to learn to drive) enjoys the extra pay. I love that i have to pay him hang out with me and teach me something so easy. The good thing is, i can actually drive now and  matter what anyone says, it is a tool that i believe EVERYBODY needs to have under their belt.

I couldn’t get up this morning. I mean, this preggo-princess marlarky is grand, however, getting up before 8.30am is almost a trial in itself. I don’t why i can’t do it, but i can’t…and i’m an early riser, not a stay in bed all day kinda chica. But getting up before you body wants to, like sobriety…is a sin.

Tomorrow, i find out if my bump is a boy for a girl, a he or a she, a wink, or a swagger and i couldnt’ be more excited. Both Keiran and I are over the moon about it all and simply because it’s the most magical thing we could’ve ever achieved with one another. We’re both big on family, so although it all seems fast to you, to us, it’s just right. One year, a marriage and two children. 🙂 Perfect!

I actually got a bit grumpy with him this morning, after a lovely night filled with giggles and affection. I was brushing my teeth and well, he had popped back from the nursery run. When he sauntered upstairs he ‘hello’ed at me, than lifted up my top, (i had myback to him) and placed his freezing cold hands around my waist on purpose, for…well no real reason whatsoever. If you don’t know me, know that i HATE being shocked, or made to *jump.* Plus, people aren’t meant to be making pregnant women jump, with it not being good for the baby and all that. I tell him ALL the time, yet he did..so i got mad and with a gruffy voice of anger told him to ‘GET OFF!’

He’s sensitive, it hurt his feelings, i went on my driving lesson and we both got over it. I’ve filled his heart with ‘sorry’ hugs and kisses since, as i didn’t mean it, i just HATE being shocked,It’s a pet peev of mine, alongside being picked up and lifted, simply because i’m small. It’s not normal, to go up to an actual grown up 30 year old human and just pick them up. People used to do it to me all the time. I mean, i don’t go up to tall people and try anf trip every single one of them up. However, rant over. We’re happy and i am actually ‘sorry’ that i lost my raggle with him whilst teeth brushing.

In exactly one hour, we’ll be at Cineworld Xsacpe, as yesterday whilst he was setting up his blog, (hope you’re reading it) i decided to book VIP tickets to go see ‘Gangster Squad.’ I’m a massive Ryan Gosling fan, (my ex-husband will actually hate that 🙂 ) but i am and obviously since ‘The Notebook,’ and a movie called ‘Fracture,’ that Keiran and I watched on the sofa. But yes…well be at the cinema, for the 12.45 viewing of his new movie and i hope that there’ s noone else in our VIP booth, as it always makes it way more bouji. We’re having to go in the day, simply because we have Baby Ruby in the evening and taking her to watch gangster movies i believe would just be ppor parenting.

Anyway godda go, because my husband is singing and marching around the house topless…and throwing a mobile phone box at the bed. I’ve just noticed his singing is actually counting…maybe he’ll learn his ‘A,B, C’s next? 🙂 But the good thing is he’s happy. We’re both happy and as soon as i have coffee, i will be back to ‘over the moon.’

I love you, i’ll catch up later. Just wanted to check in before the cinema.

Hope you’re enjoying and doing something productive with your time…or just drinking. Have one for me…

Big kisses,


Chrissie. x

ps, You all now know that that yummy hubby now has his own website and blog, which can be viewed at www.keiranthompson.com   So, please do check it out, join his fanpage, follow him on Twitter @keiranrthompson and enjoy, as it’s always good to hear the story from ‘his neck of the woods…’ and i guess it’s only fair 😉 *Kiss-pout* We have a busy beginning of the year so it’s a good way for you to learn a lot more bout him and really see what lies behind those big green eyes and six pack. I’m actually really proud of him and it means a lot to him that he has your support. Keeping blogging in the family dolls. Hope you all love it and follow his journey, as well as MINE, through life. 🙂

Love you. x



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