Dreams Coming A True True


God it’s nippy. I’ve been interviewing all morning for mags around the world, who Wunna know (see what i did there) all about my current jiggery pokery.  I’ve been approving pictures and watching footage. (Aaah the life of a Glamour Puss! *she snaps her fingers & the dancing boys come flooding in.*) I’m now drinking a hot chocolate out of my new ‘Tiger Lilly’ mug, because i had a dear friend of mine, i’ll call her ‘Bulldog’ sneeze in my previous cup. I’m terrified, i’ll get swine flu and really don’t appreciate my hot chocolate marshmellows, that began to look like herpes when melted, being covered in ‘sneeze.’ Other than that, my day is easy peasy. All i have left to do is groom, tan, practice posing, for tomorrow and avoid unknown phonecalls. Woohoo! I’m gonna be going down to ‘Nuts’ tomorrow afternoon, for boobies & banter, so i really don’t want to balls it up…so to speak. I quite fancy myself as a centrefold. Lets hope they do too.

I’ve been talking to a lot of my American friends today, for a bit of an old catch up, inbetween work and the weirdest thing about it, is that from my group of darlings, one by one, we’re all beginning to actually ‘blow up.’ (As in ‘make it’ and not as in ‘put dynamite in each others whoopdee doos.’ ) It’s so bizarre, but yet at the same time AMAZING. We’ve all worked really hard for years, watched each other work really hard for years, worked with some of the Hollywood ‘greats,’ learnt from them, competed with them, had Hollywood veterans and casting directors teach us the ways of the industry, watch us grow up and only just now, we’re one by one, making our giant marks. I’m loving it because i feel like i’m not doing it on my own. My life is hotting up and well it’s good to have a bit of fire a going in ya friends lives also. A good piece of advice i got as a child in LA from a casting director, I know him to this day, i remind him of ‘dirty bulls’ was ‘Live life, learn, find your place, your niche and then rock it. You can’t make it, the way you want to…if you haven’t fucking lived!’ I did what he said and now when he has a role in a movie or show, he’ll call my cell. I’ll go straight to ‘producers’ (final audition stage) and i’ll probably get the part. Even now he says ‘she’s one of the only girls that has that something…she understands life, herself, other people and every thing she does, even if it’s covered in frills,  is raw and from her own REAL life experience, which pretty much puts her ahead of the game…she’s no joke and someone to watch out for!  Haha…i’m lucky really innit!

I’m gonna tell you about Raffi. Okay, ages ago, he was my studio engineer for my ‘

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