Dreams come true, Canned cocktails and Eyelashes!

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Soooooooooooooooooooooooo, lucky little me, has finally got the entire weekend…oh yes, i’m about to rejoice…OFF!! Now, i’m never one to enjoy the term, or should i say word, ‘OFF,’ as i’m an ‘ON’ kinda girl. I prefer to run around life, pulling down the ‘ON’ levers and never turning them off unless they’re drama. I enjoy excitement…love…work and family. YET, when you have worked your pretty little arse off and I have worked it off and then some, having a simple two merry days off, with the babies, means the world! I AM SO HAPPY!! I love working because i delight in having dosh. Yet, none of it makes you feel great or feel whole if you don’t come home to something worthwhile. YESTERDAY, when I flung the front door open and shouted, ‘Mummy’s home’ after a looooooooooong day at work, out of nowhere, BOTH babies came rushing, darting, dashing, leaping towards me, filled with beans, glee and all sorts, crawling like their life depended on this moment, and skipping so fast that tripping over feet seemed unimportant. They were SCREAMING with joy and as i bent down to a squat position. (I never squat, as i find it awkward…the only time i’ve squatted was probably during sex…and not for long. But i squatted down, meaning i must have completely lost my mind and fallen in love with the moment…and as I did, they both launched themselves upon me, with the biggest smiles imaginable, as they cuddled, kissed me madly and acted like they couldn’t love anything or anyone any more!!

THAT IS WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT! It made that crazy work week…something. It made that crazy work week…worth it. And it was just one of those moments i’ll always remember and always remember as special because, it made me think back at fathers and sort of feel mighty, as never in their entire lives now, (and it’s actually quite sad) will they ever get to come home form a busy day, or week at work, fling open the door, and have both the babies rush up to them madly with utter ‘i’ve missed you’ glee, love and happiness. Never. And it’s those moments that matter in life. Meaning that they miss out on all the best bits. The stuff that life is made of..which is sad really. But whatever…it’s great for me…I made good choices….i’m get the hugs! πŸ™‚ Hurrah! Lol.

I think things are about balance. You can’t have a great work life without a stable loving home life, or vice versa. They come hand in hand and well even if you think you’re happy..without that balance…you’re not. I promise. I mean, it made me feel invincible and helped me remember my purpose. I’m Mummy…and i’m ace. πŸ™‚ *Wiggle wink.* (Then Rubes decided to wet wipe my entire face off, because it hates when i ‘wear too much.’ Lol)

But yes, obviously i’m being quite preachy…because you can actually live your life the way you want it. πŸ™‚ However, i’m one for balance, which is love, happiness, family and money making. That’s how you have it all…when you can tick all the boxes, without missing one. I’m still a single mum of two, yet the babies fill the ‘romance’ void up, meaning not one piece of me feels unloved or unscrewed.

Okay away from all that. I have the weekend off and i’m currently drinking Pina Coladas from a can πŸ™‚ that I tried to purchase earlier, but got ID”d for. How hilarious. I got ID’s for a Β£1 pina colada cocktail in a can! I’m Chrissie flipping Wunna. I can do vino bottles like water. I’m 33 for crying out l0ud, not sixteen and trying to scrounge booze like a grown up. Anyway, I got them..and i’m now drinking them whilst reading my eyelash line business plan.

In case you didn’t know, I got my business plan written for me, as i believe in sticking to strengths. If i wrote it, it would be shit. So I hired the best guy I know In America, to do my plan for me. He graduated from an Ivy League school…craazy amazing resume etc…won awards and everything. He’s spent a lot of time doing the research…studying my competitors, forecasting my future money to be earnt…and sorting out my demographic…worldwide.

Tonight, i’ve been able to read it, because i have a spare minute. The last spare minute I had, I was filling in and answering 20 pages of questions for him.

Now the first part is done and i am SO impressed. It looks like i’m accidentally onto a winner and i’m keeping most of it secret, but i’m happy. πŸ™‚ I mean, did you know that fifty million pounds was spent by women on eyelash extensions last year. And did you know that my blog is read in loads of countries that he reckons that my obvious markets would be UK and USA, yet i could branch out to Europe, Brazil and even Indonesia! WTF!? Well done ME…little girl from Donny much!

I’m very impressed by his work and feel good that my money has gone to a great hardworking being! I’m a girl who thinks big and yeah I do believe in starting small…however, if i am passionate about something and beauty is something i should’ve done CORRECTLY ages ago…than i’ll go for it, all guns blazing. I’ve hired all the right people…i’m still sorting it all out, I have my manufactures and product in place and well Christmas will hopefully be ace.

Don’t let life get you down. I had a really SHITE start to 2014.. i had a miscarriage…just a little one, but i was surrounded by Β so much drama that the situation still upset me. I went through thyroid surgery…which if you didn’t know..I’m squeamish and dramatic, so obviously it was the end of the world…and of course ouchy. My marriage broke down, which broke my entire world to pieces, as i loved my husband with everything that I was, my whole heart loved him even if it seemed like it didn’t and to have him leave, hurt so much. I was left with the babies…devastated with the thoughts of how they would feel…moved, got a new job…just lots. But i survived it all and because i folded up the pity party and held my head high, followed my heart, worked hard and cared for the ones that i needed tooo….good things happened..and now…for the first time in ages…i can actually tell you…that i’m doing it. I’m actually going to be a success and it’s about bloody time! πŸ™‚ And even with all that, y’know, the dreams come true and all the money in the world. The best thing about my life is my favourite role ever…and that role is ‘MUM.’ πŸ™‚

I have two days off, then another fifty hour week of work…then I have 2 weeks off to holiday with my bambinos!!! πŸ™‚

You know those moments at the end of movies when the boy gets the girl, or the hard worker finally makes his millions…the feel good stories where you’re meant to sit and weep whilst being inspired…well today i feel like i’m three quarters of the way there.

I actually fucking did it and when I say it…I mean be a mum of two, have a day job, yet still juggle everything in order to make my own personal business, my dream come true…an ‘almost nearly there’ reality.

Pina Coladas in cans for everyone πŸ˜‰

Love you,

Chrissie x

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