Dreams, Boys, and Life


So, when it comes to picking life partners….it’s really important that you go for someone that you feel inspired by, positively challenged by, someone you have an unbreakable bond with no matter how hard the storm my thunder upon you and just someone who you are attracted to that you can have fun with and trust.

We as humans…after a shitty love history….decide to complicate it and refrain from letting natural occurrences…well…occur and  when that happens you leave yourself half broken, unfulfilled and basically without total and utter ‘there if you want it’ love.

HOWEVER, i’ve always been one to demand that you never sell yourself short because you absolutely deserve the best (and we all have different versions of what we consider ‘the best’) and only because i’d say that during my mid twenties, i certainly opted for ‘short selling’ instead of really building something up slowly and the right way.

That’s the same with anything. Be it work, love or happiness. Take a short cut and get cut short, grow something the correct way and it will bloom fully, but with great strength right?

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your past, what you’re doing in your present, what matters is the note that you finish on. What the result is. How you end up. And knowing that it will all be okay in the end is essential because once you do…you’re three quarters of the way there. You’ve pushed the boulder MOST of the way up the hill.

Dream come true and they come true every moment of every day. Make them happen for you, They will. Work hard for them. Be challenged. Moan if you have to have a moan, but get on with it…you’ll get there. Remember the things that are important in life, as you attempt to push the boulder, but do by all means go for it.

The rules are.. that there are no rules and you can do or have whatever you want. Only YOU prevent yourself from getting it. Be confident. See the positive in everything and shoot. It doesn’t matter if you’re headed for your dream job, or if you’re trying to find the girl or guy of your dreams…they’re all the same…and follow the same kinda formula.

Be you, do you…no one can do you better than you and that’s all you have. Celebrate every inch of your existence…and cut away from all those who make you feel down, negative or not as great as you should feel. Make noise, love, laughter and anything else. But smile…from the inside out.

Don’t like Walrus’s though because they’re scary. I can’t think of anything more hideous than a Walrus or a pig’s snout.

Do know that the great thing to having your heart broken is knowing that it always heals and someone better will always come and fix you back together, if they’re right for you, It happens all the time…every day.

If you hate your day job, know that it’s not forever, it’s just for right now…and after right now, you have this amazing future to look forward to. Things change all the time and we’re lucky that they do. So deal with right now, but go ahead and make your changes slowly, for the future, but do it correctly.

Have great people around you, Choose good friends. Have a decent girlfriend, or a supportive boyfriend. Have fun with it, develop a talent, hone it…love it…live it…

Wunna x

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