Dreaming of Summer….

Just because we can and simply because our current lives here in good old Blighty are swirled with fresh breezes and sunshine dashes…

Here are my ‘Dreaming of Summer’ bikini choices!





Now, I own every single on of these bikini’s. Most of them picked up at the last minute of our favourite highstreet stores. Topshop, New Look, River Island….I can’t even remember. I’m a girly, girl, and fancy myself as a kitten, so I’ll always stick to a STRING bikini. Which is a ‘tie your own’ way bikini. I find them sexier and well you can adjust your boobage and bottom slip accordingly. 😉

If you are a bigger girl…and a little more self conscious…Kelly Brook does a great swimwear line, that will enhance your ‘best bits’ and boobies and disguise the bits that wibble. I love bright or ‘character’ bikini’s. So, the Union Jack bikini, is my statement bikini. The fruit print, tells everyone it’s Summer and ‘so fun.’ Lol. The zebra pink trim, shouts…’sexy, come get me.’ The leopard print two piece, is one that I will NEVER go without. Plus, I also LOVE a fringe top bikini. They’re jolly and they swish about everywhere. A fringe top’s also  brings attention to that particular area 😉 …and at the same time ENHANCE what Mother Nature (or the doctor) gave you. 🙂

Have fun, Googling or picking out your own favourite ‘Dreaming of Summer’ choices!

As they say in Beverly Hills, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get into bikini’s.’

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