Drama, travels and tantrums…


Life is far too hectic right now. I mean, it’s good…but hectic. I feel kitty cat exhausted, from going back and forth, up and down, round and around and whilst mentally spinning plates, with a wink in my eye and a bit of ballsy-ballsy. There’s been uneccessary drama, over people I don’t care about. Running around for people that I do care about. Meetings, love, fighting, bubble stepping, bouncing back, chanpagne, dinners and lots and lots of taxis.

Okay, the last time i lfet you, i think i had just come off the More Magazine shoot? Well a lot has happened since then. I lost my connection. Found it again. Remembered that in life, it’s not how hard you get emotionally battered, but more how fast you can warrior back from it. I’m in love. We’ve had trust issues boomerang, back and forth, before a very lovely make up.

We finally got back to Yorkshire from London, on Valentines day. (Not the best day really. I performed quite a few delicious *storm outs* with a side of screaming. Then after a moment. I just needed a moment. I managed to gather my little bundles of life together, with one jolly arm scoop and before i knew it, i was back in love, and booking train tickets to my next destination.

The next morning, i found myself on a journey to Doncaster, armed with ‘people who care’ and in a black Mercedes at 7am. By 8.31am, i was in First Class, having missed an important meeting, due to thinking Friday was Wednesday. After a bit of tea and silent treatment. (A treament that i really find a bit boring, even when i’m performing it), i *snapped* out of it, once again…and enjoyed my 83 minute delay on my Grand Central train journey to London Kings Cross. (The day wasn’t actually about me. Which isn’t my favourite. I think i need more ‘About ME’ days. I’m good at putting others before me and mainly because i know that in the end, i’m always gonna be alright regardless…and maybe because i’m loving. 🙂 ) – Lets not go too far.

An 83 minute delay is not fun, when you’re trapped on a train with cups of tea and an attitude problem, stepping in and out of a bubble. Nine meetings were to be tended to on that day. The first at 10am. The train got into London at 12 noon. Life got busy. Life got fast.

The day went from place to place, cab to cab, face to face, new office, to new office, as I chaperoned a ‘far too commercial’ looking gentlenman around the pavements of our Capital. Loong day. Big day. But a day that cemented how ambitious, determined and how hard Team Wunna can push if they wish too.

I must have loitered and rushed and madly called every part of London. West, to east, to north, to south, to central! Madness! Most people attempt 2 meetings and ‘clink’ to it. We did 9! NINE!

At the end of the day, exhausted in my beige faux fur, in the back of a cab, starving and just wanting to go home. I found myself chipper, in Nandos, having a wine and a salad, killing time for a train home. All was well. Then the arguments peeked in again. More yelling. More drama. More. More. More. It ended with me having to leave my wine, follow a gent out, and wait at Kings Cross under the train time board, crying and being cuddled. I hate anything that’s difficult, I hate a fight, a bicker and i certainly hate a ‘past’ with a dollop of arrogance.

Then just like that, I got back to ‘fairytale’ and everything was delicious and happy once more.

At 7.48pm, i got onto a train back and merrily enjoyed my little journey home.

Life is good. I’m exhausted. I really want ‘about me’ time and more Baby Ruby time. I’m meant to be back in London tomorrow and Bradford on sunday. I’m just too tired.

The ‘fairytale’ is great and well it was celebrated with champagne the other night, with love cuddles and sex and then again yesterday evening, at The Castle for a beautiful dinner and drinkies. (My body is completely run down.)


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