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‘Men need to like YOU a little more than you like them..’ is the best piece of advice that I can give you today, courtesy of Nene Leakes, ‘Real Housewives Atlanta,’ and it’s true. Growing up I saw and well still see in young kittens today. In fact, no not just the young, but all girls, ladies and w.o.m.a.n’s..fawning and helplessly making foolish sacrifices for gents who really weren’t or aren’t worthy of such attention. Men like it because they become addicted to the power. They like control. Yet when you’re a girl that they can’t control, they want to win you over because in a way it’s their ‘safe place’ because not only do they have to ‘work’ for your love, (which men are quite equipped for) ย they feel you will always protect them..they all love a ‘mummy.’ So, just a quick reminder to all you delicious ladies to refrain from selling yourself short. If a man does you wrong and you find out…it’s important that you leave the, or so something drastic in order to put them back in their place with an ‘umph,’ before YOU decided your next step and that next step can be in the arms of a real hero or back with the old one, who will now have a more refreshed view on how he has to treat you.

I’m an advocate for women and children and so anytime I can express to all you wonderful glamour pusses and tell you my story, in hope that it gives you a little shimmie in yours, I do. I’ve sold myself short lots of times, yet also never taken any kind of crap, but wept, laughed, been cheated on and cheated. I’ve played ever role possible in the book of love. I’ve been the young wife, the old wife, the mistress, the girlfriend in love, the girlfriend who wants more….the shag piece, the best friend…everything…don’t stand for anything that you don’t think is right.

I’ve left boys for all sorts. Yeah..many of the reasons have been comedic, because i’m a prize tool. I left a boy for going to Morocco for a month. I agreed that he could go wholeheartedly, but I knew that when he did i wouldn’t be with him anymore. After a month of him gone and with me having zero contact with him deliberately..IN FACT i had already started dating an entire other boy during that time… The Morocco boy was a lovely boy, but when he was gone I realized that I had lost my connection with him. When he arrived back on American soil, the first thing he did was come knocking on my door, even before he went home. When I opened the door…he knew he had lost me, even though my fake smile.

I’ve dumped a boy because he was too religious. I’ve dumped a boy because he asked me to marry him. I’ve dumped a boy because he stood me up, one disrespected me, one was far too argumentative, one was too young, one was too ‘party boy,’ one was a druggie, one was not the kind of boy to light my fire, one was a player, one bored me, one boy cheated on me and I found out much later on, one flirted with others girls, another was just friendly facebooking girls that he had previous sex and a relationship with,..all sorts. I’m strict with what I think is wrong and the awfullest thing for any boy that I date it that it’s usually the smallest thing that will make me walk. the big things i can usually handle and that’s mainly because i’m an ego maniac. Hurt my pride and you’ll have me gone. My heart can take a beating. ๐Ÿ™‚ My pride however is viscous, like a drag queen on steroids. (I love that i once had a tranny in my kitchen making me Cornflakes.)

I don’t know why i’m rambling on about this this morning, but it’s a good refresher course for all you divine women out there. We all need to hear it every so often and well i think because i’ve watched numerous episodes of Towie and ‘Real Housewives..’ .and i’ve been hearing stories of my friends boyfriends and husbands all flirting with girls behind their back and getting caught, that it’s just made me think. Men always cheat, you can’t stop them and for me cheating isn’t just having sex with someone else, like i said if they flirt with another girl, i count that as cheating. (I run a tight ship. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) But to all the girls that feel like they might be losing their way, you’re not, you’re strong, find you’re inner ‘diva’ and strut! A man will always treat you the way you TEACH THEM to treat you. They’re like puppies, but not as cute. However, they buy you diamonds if you put out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hmmmmmkay! *Wiggle-wink*

Other than all that, Wunna land is dandy. Ruby is happy as can be now. It seems she was only grumbly because she had a brief bit of the flu and well Baby Junior is back to being ‘chill’ now that he has managed to poo his way to victory and championed the art of constipation. I now have the flu. #Hurrah. I feel and look like rubbish and all.in a denim skirt and Keiran now has THE SHINGLES.

He showed me bumpy blistery boils just above his groin, under his stomach, so i immediately tell him he has herpes and that he was in big trouble because i didn’t have have such a disease and well i hadn’t had sex with him. I photographed it for my mum and forwarded it to her. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lucky mum. It’s her job, don’t worry. When she came around later and with my Daddy, they both checked it out…yes Keiran got his bits out for the folks. And well it wasn’t herpes…it’s actually SHINGLES.

Now we’ve both had it, in under a year!! He doesn’t seem like he’s in that much pain yet because he’s in the very early stages of it. I was useless and left the medication part until far too late because i just thought i had a bite. ๐Ÿ™‚ #wunnalogic. But i hope he gets better.

Life is still good, i’m currently getting back on that joyous conveyor belt ย of ‘looking for a job.’ It’s not going so badly actually. There’s one that I do hope to get and well i’ve completed my application yesterday, so fingers crossed. It’s a good job with great pay. Cha-ching! I’ve done my best, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Things are getting back to normal. I wish i was a superstar or that I won the Euromillions, but for now, i’ve ME and I adore it. I Tweeted last night, how I couldn’t even believe how wonderful my life was. I had just put baby Ruby to bed, She was beautiful. Then Keiran and I were laid in another room watching Baby Junior play and sleep on the bed. he was so cute and we couldn’t believe we had created him out of our love. It’s just magical.

I’ve been really lucky because Keiran sees Ruby as his own daughter and loves her with all of his heart and now we have Baby Junior, who astonishes us every day because we created him. We love the kiddies so much.

Last night we all fell asleep to classical music…

When that happens your world is at peace! So happy to have NO DRAMA.










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