Don’t slate and just be GREAT!!

Woke up this morning feeling like a solid ‘2,’ and wishing i never had a vodka fanta twist cocktail, as a night cap. It is probably the WORST cocktail combination, both at the time of ‘drinking enjoyment’, AND the ‘morning after,’ known to mankind. It definitely gets the Chrissie Wunna ‘Double Thumbs Down.’ What was i thinking??? Everyone knows cocktail night caps never work. You always end up in a bar, that you never wanted to go to in the first place, talking to a young, ‘not so ‘ hottie,with a weight problem. Nowadays, you should just get to sleep the good true Hollywood way, via a handful of sleeping pills, and a swig of champers!!!

I’m feeling a little better now, as i’ve consumed 4 cups of coffee, on my fifth and my computer is now deciding to co-operate, with my business of, ‘Taking over the World.’ Instead of telling me to ‘F**k off,’ every time, i try and push a button. We have a VICTORY!!

Anyway what was i going to say??? Oh yeah! Last night, i had a very ignorant person tell me, that he couldn’t name 5 people, who were from England, that were actually famous in America!! This was a meer jab at me, for being in England as I am right now, instead of LA! I promptly named lets say, about 11 people right off the bat, and pointed out that not only did we WIN Oscars, but he is unable to name 5 people beacuse 1) He doesn’t KNOW people in general and 2) He can’t even COUNT to 5, let alone NAME 5!!!

It’s always difficult for me, as i hate it when people slag of the Brits, ofcourse because I am one, and we are GREAT!!! (Especially if you are of the Yorkshire variety!!)  And americans, who now have to sell jeans in a crap shop, that no-one cares about, because he once TRIED to be  famous in England, yet was shunned because he was MISERABLE and took himself WAY too seriously!! Have no room to criticise the Brits!!  Yet at the same time, I hate it when people, like the fat british glamour model, that looked like the Village butchers daughter, who said all the models in Hollywood were a ‘certain’ way, i think she said ‘Ugly fake monsters, when the only monster i could see was the one trying to get her boobs out right infront of me, whilst eating a chip butty!!

Everyone just needs to grab a cocktail, buy me one and play nicely together. Then the world would be at peace!!

Okay, so i’m going to check in a bit later, as i have way more cups of coffee to drink, before my next round of banter. Oh and since my Boobie gallery isn’t up yet, i’m gonna grace my blog with a piccy a day for you …or a couple, until you are free to ‘Chrissie Wunna Gallery’ away my Darlings!!

I love you

Big kisses!!! xxx

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