Don’t dip tails in my tea…

Rule has number 1: Don’t ever dip ya tail in my lemon tea.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a calm, patient kitten of a soul & i’m thoroughly excited because after a few days off that we’re given to the ‘rest’ factory, I’m FINALLY back on set tomorrow & thank FUCK for it!!!

Honestly…I need to learn to relax. I’m shit at it. But I did it on my own bouji way…Insta stories, TikTok & gin cocktails helped. But, yes…get me back to work, like I said on my socials, any point where you almost think you’re gonna knit a bloody cardy, or throw yourself off a donkey onto concrete, is not a good place. 🙂 I don’t even have a donkey? I’d like one though. 😉

However, that’s not the point ‘Prada’ our kitten has dipped his tail in my freshly poured lemon tea. Don’t ever in your life, see my tea and think that’s okay. I’m mean I saw him licking his goolies earlier, with his tail wafting in for a tickle!!!! That went in my tea!

It reminded me of that time a Wunna fan (and I love you all) found me at bar, they were pissed, it was fun…But then they REACHED OVER, picked up my drink and almost in slow motion, put my straw in their mouth and SLURPED up my strawberry margarita!!! All of it! Fucker GONE!! Plus, I’m a germaphobe. You can’t do that to my straw. Haha.

After that it went down hill. (Hahahahaha). I’m cracking up because you should’ve seen my face!!!

That’s been the vibe of my morning so far…including endless phone calls, dead rats, making scrambled eggs and forgetting to curl my hair. Last day of this until I can finally go back to work tomorrow!!

So stuff is picking up now, I booked a feature film yesterday and I’ve got new bits of telly in my pocket. I’m excited for ‘A Series of Light’ to begin moving once more. Season 2 is going to be a fire of a treat! And well I did INBAAL’S Live psychic reading hour, on Insta last night (I do it every Sunday…I was a bit late because I got caught up with Saving Brad on Love Island.)

Anyway, she says I have a lot of great work in store, which fills my heart with joy! Apparently I’m gonna book something big that gives me an ongoing paycheck for a very long time and there’s a movie coming up that films overseas, with some kind of ‘jewel’ or gold in the title, that I’m gonna get booked on. Now, I’m not one to live by what a psychic says. I just find it fun and enlightening . However, everything Inbaal has ever told me HAS actually come true!

I actually meet Inbaal in person for the first time tomorrow and I’m really excited. We’ll both be on ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’ lunchmating, so it’ll be awesome to have her right in front of me. It’s crazy when you see people online or on tv, but you haven’t met them in person because you feel like you adore and know them so well, which weirdly makes things extra nervy when you finally I do get to meet them in person. Well it does me anyway!

Sent all my American friends a Happy July 4th video message yesterday. It delighted me to see them so happy, once they watched it. When I arrived in LA with my suitcase around 20 years ago, it was on July 5th…TODAY! So it’s always an anniversary for me!

I got to banter with my gorgeous Ronnie Woo who I’ve literally adored for 20 years and of course I got to chat to Ryan. Oh Ryan! I love that he always enters his conversations with me with ‘Hi, Sweet Love..’

But basically you all don’t need to jump the gun. I’m very single. I mean at this point surely I’m the Queen of Single town. I don’t want to be single forever though. Ry & I live in different countries. He’s in the states. I used to live there, but now I’m in the UK. We’re really close. I love him madly. We don’t date each other. But if I was over there or vice verse…we absolutely would! Lol.

Glad that’s all cleared up!

I also surprised people in my unread DM box. That requests that you never really get to see properly unless you’re following them. Well, recently I’ve been getting a lot of love and you’ve all been so incredibly sweet, so in order to give back and because I was a bit bored and needed something to do 😉 I chose three people from my dm box to send a surprise video message. This was all in hope that it would make their day…and it did… So we’re all a little happier in the world now.

Yes! All down to me. 🙂

Anyway, on the mighty love front, I’m a love bunny and I definitely don’t want to be single forever. I always tell that story of Albert, who once walked into a coffee shop that I worked in years ago. He was 80 and told me how lonely it was to not have someone to love or a partner to love YOU…during the end phase of ya life.

I smiled & told him he had plenty of life left…But It weirdly stuck with me.

So right now, I’m open to looking for love, but it’s not a priority. Work is, because I’ve got dreams that I wanna try and make come true for the kids & I. I’ve always felt like love will always be there? I don’t know why? But I guess cos it always has?

But I’m being patient, staying focussed, building your career and waiting for the right man…who will come and find me at the right time.

Anyway, ask me a question on my insta story. I need to make a new tea.

2 thoughts on “Don’t dip tails in my tea…”

  1. I’m under @rumplestiltskin on tiktok but you might remember as @topof_themorning702,
    I just wanna say I hope your feeling good, lern to do breathing techniques to help you relax and clear your mind (although in my mind I’d love to help you relax) the more you get into it the more it will help and benefit you Princess.
    It’s funny coz I proppa fancy you love you and really respect you all in one you awesome, I hope you have a great week my Princess xxx

  2. Yes I’m the Angel swinging on a harp string the one that brings the melody of love to you my sweet thing I’m the sun in your day the moon in your night you’re the Bassline and my heartbeat of my life if I’ll make you hot skip and jump to my love that make your soul fly in harmony like a Bee’s song call me your wonderful the safe talking Casanova that shines brighter in your world like a supernova give me the rhythm so we can get down so you can get up up upon you sound sound sound cos you’re my one and only cuddles to you I’m full of joy I’m the man to your woman you’re the girl to my boy listen up this is a long-term sure shot I love the right girl stop with a quick beat fo drum see you right now just how I feel about you as I Confess that I’m thinking about you and the things that you do to me


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