Don’t Cha’

In a bit of a rush as i’m on my way to Doncaster to wave at the masses! Hope you have a ‘Wunnaful’ (that was shit) Easter and i hope the Easter Bunny brings you more than just a few shitty eggs. (Winky wink!) My ‘Minder’ has just filled my shoes with crisps because he thought it would be funny. I’m going to fill his face with the girl spunk of a fatty…he just doesn’t know yet! Love you Bitches!

La Wunna

7 thoughts on “Don’t Cha’”

  1. Nah it’s me !
    Well at least I think it is 🙂
    I’m really Ill 🙁
    Apparantly it’s just a 24 hour thing!
    I bloody hope so.


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