Dolls houses/Guitar hero/ and Sparrows on sticks

Okay, just because i ONCE said i LOVE ‘Guitar Hero,’ does not actually me i LOVE ( as in can’t live without, need to rub my body against,)  ‘Guitar Hero.’ Infact, now i don’t much care for it. I say i love…EVERYTHING (just incase you hadn’t noticed.) So those of you who keep trying to impress me with you’re ‘Guitar Hero’ knowledge, need to STOP…because i know absolutely nothing about it, except that i drank a whole bottle of ‘Crown Royale’ with a boy named Dylan (I used to work with him..we had ‘nookie’ a couple times,) and in the midst of a drunken ‘hoo-harr,’ (not as in sex, but as in FUN times,) we played it non-stop, with his even drunker magician friend. It was like a really rubbish, ‘Guitar Hero’ competition. I don’t love ‘Guitar Hero!!’ I don’t particularly like ‘Crown tRoyale,’ but the combination of the two, plus Dylan, plus, Me, equals the greatest story to tell ever!! The night did end up with me letting him take raunchy pics of me (there was no sex, just pictures)….it was just for fun. He’s a trustworthy boy…you’ll never see them!! (Mwahahahaha!!)

I’m about to go to dinner, and i’ve just received a text from a matey in Asia, stating that they just ate a ‘Sparrow on a fucking STICK!!’ Hilarious. He’s lucky…i mean you could end up with a lot worse than ‘sparrow’ on ya ‘stick’ over there!! I don’t really know this ‘matey’ too well, but i love that about him. We met when we were auditioning for roles in ‘Be Cool,’ (Get Shorty 2…with John Travolta.) I went in for the role of ‘Linda Moon.’ I obviously DIDN’T get it…but Christina Milian did. I can’t remember what role he was there for??? I just remember him telling me i ‘…probably wasn’t gonna get the job and i should put my bangle around my ear,’ (hahahhhaha.) Hope he doesn’t choke on his sparrow!!! (All smiles!)

I’ve decided i want a Doll’s House. You can like buy a proper tiny sized shopping mall and create all the different stores in it, and buy all the little merchandise that is to be sold, in each store!! YOU can make you’re own baby sized ‘Christian Dior.’ I’m lame, right?? (ha-ha.) I also want the pub. You can buy baby beers, and tiny drunks, then place them in you’re tavern, with prostitutes and homeless people. It’s ACE!! I want to create a whole tiny sized ‘Chrissie Wunna’ land. But i guess i have the real WORLD to do that in! Yeah, i’m not ready to be one of those creepy ‘I collect DOLLS, have no children, social life or dildos,’ dandies yet. Who needs dolls, when there’s like real life BOYS, with a penis-load of emotional issues, to play with!

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  1. dylan is a very good freind of mine i will get on me dog give im a bell and offer im a bag chrissie job done. i hope u are cushtie babe


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