Doing right by my BROOD


Morning my gorgeous kittens of delight spoons! (Don’t ask! I have no idea? 🙂 I just type whatever splurges out of my brain box. Not working too snazzy today methinks. *Giggle*

All’s well. All’s good I’m feeling empowered by potential success, I’m filled with love for life and the world…and today is Ruby/Mummy day!

Ruby/Mummy day is an impromptu day that occurs whenever my darling little doughy eyed daughter of yumminess…aka ‘Ruby’ needs me. During these moments…and i’m highly connected to Ruby, I don’t know how I know exactly how she feels, or how she’s about to act, but I do. My maternal link to her is amazing. I mean, before I was even pregnant with Ruby, a clairvoyant had told me that I was going to fall pregnant,  and have a little girl. The girl would be one that I have had in a previous life…and we are going to be so close.

Anyway, I’m deeply connected to Rubes simply because firstly she saved my life, changed my life for the better and well…like all mum’s a huge amount of guilt runs through my veins for the unfortunate transitions that i’ve put her through. As a parent and when you’re responsible for your loin fruit, that you love more than anything in the world. That guilt weighs hard. She’s a very sensitive and loving girl is my baby 1 and her heart has ACHED. I’ve put her through that due to my own ‘wrong turn’ choices. As a result, she’s maybe feeling a bit unloved. YET, instead of dwelling on that, because no-one stays feeling that way forever, when help comes to hand. I’m doing everything I can to build up her spirit once more and so she feels stable. As her beautiful nursery nurse stated, ‘Ruby feels as though everyone who loves her is going to leave her. Everyone she loves…leaves her.’ SHE’S 2!! And she already feels that way.

It was on my mind last night. I knew that I myself NEEDED Ruby/Mummy time, as it lights up my world. (God, I’m gonna blub. ) But this morning she just looked at me and gave me a look that meant that she tooo needed me. Just ME. Not anyone else. Just ME..her…and time.

Now, luckily i’m in a position where i can make this happen whenever I want and as a good Mum…she comes first. I know what matters in life and because i’ve been, seen and felt it all. I know what it’s lie to have family almost not be with you anymore.

I immediately rescheduled meetings, pulled the showy curtain of Wunna land down a bit. Not fully though, because she loves it. Then we dropped Junior off at nursery. I got back in the car, saw her face through my mirror and she *beamed* quietly BEAMED with this internal happiness, which sort of thanked me for loving her. All the way home she sang and did giddy shrieks of happiness.

So today, all work is on hold…I don’t care how much of it there is. TODAY is Mummy/Ruby day. I’ve asked her what she wants to do and well…I believe Doncaster and shopping it is! 🙂

I feel like the luckiest kitten in the world today to have such wonderful children. I mean Junior was giddy with excitement to nursery, he’s just getting his personality in and goes crazy for all the noise, fuss and sing a longs! 🙂

So dear parents…I was just going to say ‘Mums’…but that’s sexist innit. Even though I am. 🙂 I did meet a single dad yesterday. We all love those men. But yeah, right now I have a business to launch, 4 meetings, two pitches, a chat with PR and China for the lash line, I have songs to learn to record, I have an MTV thing to rehearse….I have emails, business plans and American lawyers to talk to….

But whatever…today it’s Ruby/Mummy day!

Remember what matters in life, because it’s really shorter than you think. How you treat your 2 year old will determine how they are as a 3 year old…etc…

I’ve never seen her happier! *Giddy mummy dance*

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