Doing it.


So, I ended up going out on Friday, when i had mentally decided that I wasn’t going to. I don’t know what happened, or how it all changed, but i ended up scrolling down Facebook, realizing that ‘Vickie’ who i have named ‘my wife’ (she wants to marry me in Vegas and I think that it’s an exceptional idea, especially since the last time we tried to get fake married, we got called ‘fat’ and a ‘nigger,’ OH! And punches.)

Anyway…long story short, I decided to shimmie out (and we love a shimmie) and go meet her for a couple drinks.

I slipped into a sexy pink boobie dress, with the idea of ‘flaunting it,’ I flaunted out and got with meeting ‘the wife.’ Whenever we first meet we get really giddy, like chimps with all the bananas in the world…so  we drank black russians, made ‘rub it in’ videos’ for Ben (who was at work) just to make him feel shitty and with shimmie’s galore, danced off our night.

Our other friends were out like Spinky, some perv, Daz, Anna….lots. Plus, a whole bunch of my work mates and their mates were out making it a great night for all. EVERYONE i knew in Pontefract was out (apart from ‘working nights’ Ben.) I even met the same amazing girl, who i had met on the street months previous, who had stopped me and told me that she was massive fan of the blog and followed me on Instagram. I love her because she has amazing taste. 🙂 Yet she said something hilarious to me…and i do get a lot of people stopping me to tell me how my blog has touched their life in some way or another…be it good or bad…yet this girl..Beth…said that I was a massive inspiration because I made her learn that ‘you can never wear too much eyeliner.’ HAHAHAHA. 🙂 I heart that! Hilarious.

But yes, great night had by all…We went form pub to pub. I noticed that i was mildy (if mildy meant MAJORLY 🙂 ) with the boys and girls for that mater, as there was staring, hovering and well whenever i sat down boys would circle around me and tell me that I was ‘beautiful.’ LMFAO. I still got it. Hello cougar!

Infact, one guy told me that he seen all my naked pictures, but couldn’t believe how down to earth and how different i was, to how he had originally thought and well the other guy was pervy and tried to feel me p at every instance he could. (I’m not that easy when i don’t like you. It’s almost like trying to ram the triangle, through the square peg. Plus, i don’t like men who think that i’m going to fancy them, adore them and worship them…(and i am a love bunny when I LOVE SOMEONE) but lets put it this way, you can’t just feel me up and assume that i’m going to like you. It was really annoying.

Lots of dancing, fun and drinking…then all of a sudden everything turned into a fighty. Everyone started fighting with their other halves and it all turned emotionally crazy. It was fighting everywhere..and i didn’t like it. We all got sober fast and well at that point i got a cab home with my chilli cheesy chips. I also noticed that Ben and I get on better than most ‘done it forever’ couples in Ponte. To say that we’ve dated, broken up and are still besties, awesome and closer than most would know…i’d plonk a ‘gold star’ on our rapport, because we’re doing pretty well!

I mean, my Saturday day time was filled with my babies. It was bliss. I shopped with Ruby and JUnior, we did the park, we went to the Ackworht gala, we had a full on ‘family’ day time that was filled with ‘single mum’ alerts, and love. Ruby and Junior are so close and well as a mum, it sort of makes you happy to know that you really can do it by yourself. You can have everything girls, just stay focused and get on with it. I work really hard, all the time Yet nothing means more to me than those babies, they are my world and well that’s why i now fin it hard to date, as my next husband or the guy that i bring in (and i hardly ever do that) must love them tooo..or at least me a tremendous husband and fatherly role model. It means everything to me.

Saturday night both babies went to ‘daddies,’ so i was all alone and Keiran has upset me. It’s always hard doing a baby pass, but Junior was holding out for me and not wanting to go, so it actually made me cry.

I could either stay in a lone all night and weep, or go have fun. Sp i took a nap, pulled myself together and got my sorry ass out for a drink.

I went out on my own, but immediately found Nick and other people i knew. Then out of nowhere popped Ben in shorts…so the rest of the night was awesome because it was a surprise.

I was kinda dressed super casual as my dress caused a ‘hoo haa’ the evening before and i couldn’t be arsed.

But we had a great night…so great the boys got soooooooooooooooo pissed, fell about and we ended up at ‘Biggies.’ WAHOOO.

I even fell over in ‘Biggies’..and well we stayed their until about 4.30am. OUCH. I was working the next morning and it sucked ass. I even saw my old school friend ‘Kate’ out and it was amazing because i forgot how much i love her. She as fun and dry witted, BUT there’s  soft side to Kate that i adore. She’s really supportive of me and well when she told Ben that my blog had saved her life…it made me feel really good…like i had some kind of online clout.

Got to ‘Biggies,’ got drunk left, did home, slept for twp hours wen tot work feeling like shit. NEVER AGAIN.

Sunday I spent with the babies after work and chilled to celebrate my brother’s birthday. Loved it. Loved him.

I’ve worked all day today and i’m knackered, but i’ve just come back from a mini wine sesh at The Carleton….Amazing time, amazing people, my ultimate Ponte faves and even though it seems like i do, i DON’T spread myself thinly. I’ll usually only truly love a couple people and stick with them forever.

Had a great time, tired as fuck now, up in the morning an need a proper rest.

I’ll write a better blog tomorrow night, as i’m far too tired and up in a couple for work.

love you, leave you.




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